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  1. I got this great bag from Kale today! I'd heard of the brand from seeing them here and there at Barneys & at a random Nordy's. They're great bags, very well made IMO.

    I got the grey Essential bag that's lined in light lilac suede. It's so pretty. I love that the snaps at the bottom of the straps unsnap, so you can "push" down the top of the bag to make more room to wear it on your shoulder. So if you're wearing a coat or something, it still fits!

    The grey is really interesting. In some lights it looks purply, other times it looks almost brown The zippers in the front unzip and that area is lined with suede and it's like a hidden pocket! I just love this bag! :love:

    Oh--if you're interested, their website is www.kalehandbags.com. You can call them and place an order.

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  2. Great bag - those snaps are a super idea!! And I love those vertical zipper pockets. YSL also had some bags like that. I'm not familiar with that brand - I will be on the lookout for it at Nordstrom's Rack (no real Nordstrom's here...yet!)
  3. ^^ Most Nordstrom's don't carry them--but you might as well keep your eye out for them.... Or see if another store carries them locally on their website.
  4. Nice, wick. Love the color.
  5. Very good-looking bags.
  6. Wow! That's a great bag! I just looked at the website and some are on sale. Like the same style in black. Which I like. :biggrin: And the color you got is also gorgeous. Congratulations!
  7. Wicked - nice bag and good website. Thanx for the heads up!
  8. Oh I like it, I've seen some great Kale bags on activeendeavors.com!
  9. OOh, I like! I just checked out their site - they have some really cute stuff - i'll have to keep them in mind in the future :smile:
  10. Thanks everyone! I like that their stuff isn't way over-priced for a casual bag and that they're well-made. I love the suede lining! And they even use RIRI zippers just like MJ bags.

    If you're looking for a particular color and they say it's sold out--it doesn't hurt to call. They have some backstock at their warehouse. In the Essential, they told me that they still have the black, pink, and calf styles.
  11. Oh, I'm glad we're talking about Kale! There was a bag that I saw a few seasons back from Kale that I really wanted to get, but for some reason, never got around to getting it until it was too late. The line seems really great! Thanks for sharing!
  12. I like that grey! That"s darker than I thought it would be. Great choice!
  13. i like the color and the bag.
  14. Some very good-looking bags there, thanks!