*KALE* I HATE to do this......

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  1. I must share my grief with someone(s) who understand. I bought and received two Kale bags today. One of them I pulled the trigger on too soon and planned on returning anyway. They are the Kale Palmer Satchel (navy) and Tate (moss) . The reason I am returning both of them is they are simply too nice for me!! Most of my bags are Kooba and HH. These bags are gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I mean truly beautiful, the colors are vibrant and the leather is delicious, and the lining is that impossibly fantastic fuchsia suede lining. All I think is "where in the heck am I going to wear these bags?" Did I mention I am a stay home mom?? I just cannot justify this. And I am soooo sad....sigh....Really you guys, gorgeous bags. Has anyone ever done this before? Bought a bag sight unseen and then received it and you where afraid you were going to ruin it?? and not have anywhere to where it except Target?!! Sorry this is so long and if you have read this far thanks for listening to me, I just had to get this off my chest!
    I don't mean to sound like a whiner, I have come to terms with the fact they are going back. I guess I'm just a little sad about it..:crybaby::lol:
  2. Don't send them both back! Keep at least one... I totally understand what you mean, though, as I too am a SAHM with two under the age of four. Sometimes I look at my bags and wish I had someplace exciting to go...:shame: I have a large, black, front-pocket Paddy I purchased from Nordstrom in JULY, I think, (!) that I have yet to use! I think I'm scared to use it, or maybe I feel I don't deserve to wear it, I don't know!

    But you will find an occasion to use the bag(s), so keep at least your favorite. I LOVE suede-lined bags; if you are like me and are afraid to get the lining dirty, try a purse organizer like the Chameleon Insert or the Purseket.

    Post pics! We'll convince you to keep 'em!;)
  3. Maybe sell one of your Koobas or HH bags to make room for a new one...
  4. I just bought a Kale Lyndon (raisin) on sale at a local boutique and think this style is perfect for a Mom -- the leather is gorgeous but seems extremely sturdy -- and the style is lightweight and spacious.
  5. I see no reason in returning a bag because it's too nice... maybe if you can't afford both.. or something.. but why not have a nice bag to carry around in your daily life.. just something to look at, know it's nice, and it makes you smile!
  6. Kale bags are pretty darn sturdy, I've used my Palmer II in the rain and in bars and it's held up perfectly, even the lining inside still looks great.
  7. Did you buy them during their sale?

    p.s. Did you get the Grande tate or the reg. tate?
  8. If you bought them on sale, then def. keep at least one if you love it!:tup:
  9. I don't go anywhere exciting or special most of the time - so my bags go with me to Target, the grocery store, etc! They make me feel put together, even when wearing sweats, and add a touch of luxury to everyday. So if you do love one and can afford it, I say keep it! You have the hardest job in the world being a SAHM and I think you deserve to treat yourself!
  10. I LOVE my GRANDE Tate!



  11. Oh you guys are so nice! No it's not the grande tate, it's the regular and YES they were both on sale. Like, majorly. The Tate was 216 and the palmer was 316. I think I know which one to keep because it's the one still sitting in the box that is not taped up. The Tate is taped in the box and ready to go back!
    I check eBay and it seems like Kales don't sell very well??!!
  12. There is a Lyndon on eBay right now with a BIN of $205 and no one has bought it:wtf:!!! I'm afraid if I keep them and try to sell then they will just sit in my closet :sad:

  13. I completely understand! Over Xmas I got two very beautiful Marc Jacobs quilted bags, each with a gold chain. They are pretty fancy looking. I'm a married student, so I just run around campus, do errands,go to the library, etc. I don't go anywhere very exciting , so I know exactly how you feel, like "where am I ever going to carry these bags"?? I'll find somewhere to take them someday, and so will you. You are keeping one, right? Be nice to yourself!:tup:
  14. I understand your concern, but given the great prices you got on the bags I don't think you'd lose too much (especially on the Tate). I think you should keep the one you love the most and just wear it to Target or wherever you go.
  15. You're probably right, thanks.