KALE handbags at 65% off~!~!~!

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  1. Fabulous!!!! All KALE handbags are 65% off with the Promo code...... Time for a new KALE bag.......

    <a href="http://s18.photobucket.com/albums/b113/azianqt2/?action=view&current=65Promo.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b113/azianqt2/65Promo.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
  2. Aah!! Going there now. Thanks!
  3. Can't get the site to work for me :sad:
  4. Site is working for me....and just wanted to give everyone the heads up that the discount is "nice".....shipping is $21.00+ dollars.....yikes!
  5. ya shipping cause that is the shipping and handling and it is a yikes... but the bags are such great deals its better than buying it at wholesale price the it kinda makes up for it...
  6. did you snag one girl?
  7. Wow.........that is the WORST handbag website I've ever seen. Why are all the pics the size of postage stamps?? Frustrating :cursing:
  8. Yeah and I would really like to see them on models, especially the welles grande. Does anyone know where a pic of this is?
    FYI - If you try kaboodle they have a bunch of kale bag images w/models saved as previous shopbop sales, but of course no welles grande with a model.
  9. Just heads up too, if you live in Cali, there is sales tax too...so its and extra $50 for us Cali residents between ship and tax

  10. of course NOT!!!! I've been lookin' out for a clutch, but nothing has really "hit" me....so I look-see everywhere (bien sur).
    think the Abaco will hit the front door tomorrow....will post a full report, m'am.!
    xxoo :heart:

    oh, I just noticed...new avatar w/your BABY!!!!!!
  11. ^^Sales tax in Cali?!?! ***closes website*** THANX for saving me some money!!!
  12. Everything I liked was "back ordered".

  13. I have an older style Tate that I haven't worn yet because the shoulder straps are almost too short and one always falls. But it is such a beautiful bag. I can't decide if I should try another one. Such a good deal...not AS good because I am in CA.
  14. Wow, I'm so impressed by my ability to resist (so far...)
    I really like that Tate E/W and $260 is a good price.

  15. Thanks for the heads up--I was just trying to figure that out....that's a little steep..