KALE Handbag blowout sale at The Art of Shopping

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  1. The Art of Shopping is holding a huge designer sample sale online, and I saw some great KALE Handbags there at 50-70% off retail.
    The bags sell in Barney's, Scoop, Fred Segal, Shopbop, and more.
    I have been to there sales before in LA, and everything is authentic. I emailed them and all bags are brand new, 1st quality (that is the only thing they sell online).
  2. Thanks so much for posting!! I shouldn't have:


    but I did! A $800.00 bag for $250.00 - how could I say no. I just purchased this same bag in the wine (barolo) color was week and fell madly in love with it. The leather was just amazing and the grommets and details were so cute + the hot pink suede lining was really special. I can't believe the price was so low. Kale bags are so handcrafted and beautifully made. I had an XL Muse bag - but this bag is much much nicer.

    thanks again!
  3. WHY did I look at this??? :crybaby:
  4. ^^Grace - did you purchase it?!?!
  5. YES! I am sick!!!! :graucho:
  6. YAY! We're SICK together! hahaha

    seriously though - I've been stunned by the quality of my Tate Grande. I know it sounds crazy but I couldn't help myself with the peacock colored tate. I didn't neeeeed it per se - but it was such a great deal!

    I looked at the peacock tate last year, but just couldn't swing the $800.00 to purchase it (for that much I just went out and got another balenciaga) - but now that i've sampled the line I can see that it really is worth that price.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.