Kale GRAND Tates available on The Art of Shop

  1. I've bought from the art of shop before and had no problems (and was very happy with my derek lam bag)
  2. All Gone!
  3. I confess!!!!
    After posting this thread....my heart began to race and I knew that I had to have the Grand in Barolo cuz of beauxgoris - your photo and post has taunted me enough!
    So, thanks to you, this bag is on its way to ME!
    Thanks so much!
  4. OH MY GOD! Those Tate Grande's were at an amazing price! DCBLAM congrats on the Barolo- i love that color :heart:

    If any of yall are still looking for a Kale, they are having their spring collection sample sale 2/5/08 at hautelook.com... There are three that I want, and i'm hoping to score atleast 2!
  5. ^^YAY! I'm glad you found the Grande Tate at such a good price. It's a really (big) and beautiful bag! :heart:

    I WISH WISH WISH they had the Tate in peacock!!! I tried to order it last year but they sold out! *sigh*
  6. I beleive that Amazon.com and Bluefly.com has some Tate's no Grande though but your still getting a deal!!!!:tup:
  7. A great deal on a grande tate! I love mine!!!
  8. dcblam - did your Grande Tate arrive. I used mine today and love it so much. So much bag for the money!!!