Kale Diego Messenger retail $645, do u like it?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Hmmm. I don't think I do like it. Especially at that price.
  3. meh. it's just ok
  4. I so agree with you! What about discounted to $175?
  5. It's not bad for that price!
  6. I'm confused as to where the opening actually is! :confused1: Do you have to flip the front flap up?
  7. ami kio I believe you do and there is also a zipper on the flap that gives you access to something or another...I really don't like this bag and I don't like cross body bags period, the strap usually makes one of my ample boobies lean waayy to far to the right! I've just heard how nice Kale bags are and since the price is reduced...I ordered it. I'm gonna cancel this order because I'm trying to only buy for love and not just because it's discounted...It's sooo hard!