Kale damaged bag return...I called them

  1. they said that I can send it back and get a store credit....which is good and bad....good that I'm not stuck with a bag that is damaged but bad b/c I'm stuck with a $300 charge on my credit card. I won't buy one of their bags for full price so I guess I have to wait for another sample sale. They said the credit is good for a while.

    I'm not really happy with this. I can totally understand the store credit thing if I didnt like the bag, but it's damaged. I shouldn't be forced to pay for that kwim

    Maybe I'll email too
  2. That's awful. It makes me NOT want to buy from sample sales online again.
  3. I emailed but haven't heard back. I didn't know it was final sale when I bought it (I called them to order and no one ever said anything). I also didn't know that there was something wrong with it or I wouldn't have bought it.....is it normal for sample sale items to be damaged? I just thought they were overstocks or something. I would either like my money back or if they could repair it. If it were $50 I'd just keep it, use it a couple months and then trash it. But for $300 I need it to last a long time
  4. Oh no, that's not good service from their part :tdown:
  5. Usually sample sales are "as is"/final, but if you ordered it over the phone (sight unseen) they should either replace it or give you your money back. Store credit isn't bad, but I agree that it's not ideal under these circumstances. Is there anyone else there you can talk to?
  6. Good news! They are having me ship the bag back so they can repair it! I'll be happy with that as long as they do a good job on the repair (will not be happy if it looks like my 4 yr old did it lol)
    Keep your fingers crossed that it turns out well...I really do like this bag and would love to keep it :smile:
  7. What kind of damage was there on the bag? It's great if it can be fixed to your satisfaction!