Kale Chilton II - how do you rate this handbag

  1. I am looking at one. What are your thoughts. It notes the size as 17"H and 10"W. Is this including the handles? Is it really only 10"W.

  2. Hmm. My guess would be 17"W and 10"H? I've never seen dimensions include the strap length, but who knows!
  3. would rather by a marc by marc. Much more style and less $$$$
  4. I like it! Very simple but chic
  5. I love it! and as I just purchased my first Kale I can truly say they are beautifully well made bags. Good luck!
  6. I love Kale bags. I think the Chilton is amazing. We had the larger, weekender size in our handbag boutique for 1 day before we sold out. Amazing bag!
  7. I actually saw the Chilton I and the Chilton II in a boutique in Los Angeles I think the bag is amazing!!!! It's so chic.....

    I think the height includes the handle cause when I saw it it looked about 17" or so!!!!

    If you like big bags thats the one for you... The Chilton I is smaller in width but it's just as darling if you want a medium size bag...

    Either way I say go for it!!!!:tup:
  8. What color is this?
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    Hello all. I have (and adore!) this bag. The color is difficult to explain as it is a "mineralized" suede and, in some light, refracts muted prismatic colors. It can also appear to be a sparkling black or metallic graphite. I have the larger version of the Chilton (18L X 13H X 5D,) with 3 compartments. The middle compartment is zippered and the two side compartments are closed by magnetic tabs. It is the jewel of my little collection.
  10. I really like it - love the colour, it has a simple but contemporary design and is 'under the radar' chic in that it doesn't shout its brand/designer. Go for it!
  11. I have had my eye on this bag for awhile now. I love the understated styling, but yet it's so chic. The dimensions are confusing though. I wish all websites would post modeling pics, it would make things so much easier.

    Threshold - how about a modeling pic of yours?
  12. I completely forgot that I had posted about this bag. I did buy it and love it to pieces. The bag is amazing and very comfortable. I love the stiffness of the shoulder straps so they stay put, but the bag is smooshy and is wonderfully divided so I can find my things with ease.

    The mineral has pinkish under tones, so with the grey and berry colors coming up for this next season, I will have another year to work my clothes around the bag.

    This was one of my better purchases.
  13. Wow berta what a gem! It is so pretty in your pics!
  14. Oh I totally agree about the "under the radar" and "understated" chic of this bag! And I am pleased to hear Berta is happy with her purchase! I sent pics to a friend of mine who, after "drooling", said "What a classy bag... it oozes, drips, seeps pure class.... and totally timeless too, it'll be just as sexy in 100 years!" I agree.

    Here's mine:
    Kale bag c.jpg Kale bag b.jpg Kale bag light change.jpg