Kale bags: anyone own or know anything about them?

  1. While browing Shopbop today I came across this bag and started to :drool:. Anyone own a Kale bag? The leather looks really nice and I love the styles, but of course it's hard to tell because the bags are modelled on women that are a leetle bit taller and thinner than me ;) opinions?
    kale grey bag 2.jpg kale grey bag.jpg
  2. I have the larger version of the second bag, called the :grande tate.

    It's one of the most beautiful bags I own. The leather is tdf and the hot pink suede lining is so cute!
  3. Thank you beauxgoris! Could you be persuaded to post a pic? ;) do you think the quality of the leather is worth the price?
  4. I have 3 Kales and I really like them. The leather feels different from other bags I own, I think because of how it's distressed and then finished.
    The bags are made really well, with gorgeous suede lining. I don't know what the metallic suede on that Chilton bag would feel like, but I've thought about purchasing it to find out! One thing I've noticed on the forum is that people complain about the straps not staying on their shoulders, you could maybe do a search for that if you're interested.

    Pics of mine are in my collection thread, link below.
  5. I have 4 kales: 2 palmers, a palmer II, and a Tate. All are beautifully made, gorgeous leather, and the lining is TDF. I have only used one of my palmers, believe it or not, but for no real particular reason. Highly recommend them!
  6. I got the second one on the right, a Tate, and I also have a Palmer II. Both are in my collections thread, if you want to see the pictures (pg 1 and pg 3). I really like the Palmer II, but not the Tate so much. One of the strap always slips off, and the bag feels heavy to me.