KALE and ZAC POSEN Big Sale @ Scoop

  1. Hi, I just finished talking to Teddy a sale associate at Scoop Chicago. He was sweet enough to send me pictures of his last 2 sale purses (I just bought the Jimmy Choo Rana bag he had).

    There is a Kale patent clutch marked down to $99 from $365 and a Zac Posen black leather and pony weave purse marked down to $799 from $1995. I have pics attached.

    Call him if you're interested! He's super nice!! 773-227-9930
    IMG_61021.jpg IMG_61031.jpg IMG_61041.jpg IMG_61081.jpg
  2. :tup: on the JC.

    I just bought a Kale bag and love it. I hope someone buys this clutch! Kale's signature fuschia interior is HOT
  3. Agreed, I just love it. So hot!
  4. I'd buy this clutch. I love the black patent, but I don't use clutches so much, it would just sit in my closet for me to drool over...

  5. I guess the color isn't coming through correctly...Teddy told me that the clutch is actually a brownish burgandy color..but in the picture,you're right..it looks black!
  6. Isn't Teddy a sweetheart? :heart: :tup:
    I am so glad you nabbed the Rana - how much did it ring up for?
    Such a classic look and the shoulder straps are so very comfortable.

  7. Thanks for the tip! I wouldn't have known about it if you didn't post..he said the lady in the warehouse said it was in pristine condition :smile:
    You were right - it was $599 plus $15 shipping...no tax cuz I'm in Atlanta and there isn't a store here!! :yahoo: