KALE 50% off sale!

  1. Now through November 30th, receive 50% off all merchandise at www.kalehandbags.com. Please enter Fall2006 in the promo code section at checkout. Pass it on!

  2. I just got the email too! I always liked their bags but never ordered. Perhaps now is the time. :smile:
  3. Something is wrong with this website...you can only open it so far..then it locks up...
  4. Have you tried a different browser? It works fine for me in Firefox...although all-flash sites like this annoy me!
  5. did anyone else notive that the first two posters were new members with quit elow postings?
  6. haha, so those are ads? So anyone heard of Kale?
  7. I don't know who the first poster is but I did receive this in my mailbox today since I signed up through their website. The first time I checked the site out they were out of mostly all of their bags since they were holding a similar sale.

    I've never owned a Kale bag but they look real nice. If I don't score a abg this week from the Kooba sale I might just buy a Kale.

    (I know I've only been on this site for a month but please don't discriminate..)
  8. and your point being?

    The site worked fine for me, am too on firefox. It's actually a pretty neat site.
  9. I bought a Kale bag at Barneys before. pretty nice bag.
  10. they look good, but not for me.
  11. I've owned a Kale bag. Their bags are well-made. Great leather and are a great buy at 50% off. I think they're a fab indy brand that doesn't get a lot of focus but are better made than others.
  12. i wish they had all of the styles in the collection available on their site...there are a few i love, but none that are in the 'buy' section. :hysteric:
  13. Thanks for the update. Its always good to check out what's on sale, especially from lesser known brands. Personally, I checked the site out twice and wasn't quite captured by their selection but I'm sure there are others that have found the information useful!
  14. Sorry if I am posting this email here incorrectly - I thought all bag sales could go under this heading. I am new here, but am a longtime (since 1999) poster on MUA. I just got the email from Kale today and wanted to share - as I posted earlier, I'm a Kale handbag lover, but am also a Marc Jacobs fan as well.
  15. Thanks so much! I love KALE and now can justify the splurge.