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  1. [​IMG]
    Twilight (in metallic) was $335, now $168.
    Essential (in yellow) was $535, now $268.
    Mini Journalist (in green) was $375, $188.
    Clutch wallet (in white) was $285, now $143.
    Utility carryall (in caramel) was $375, now $188.

    Looks like Lady Luck is paying you a visit. Momma needs a new bag! Shop now for a 50% site-wide discount on Kale handbags. Time to put your cards on the table.

  2. Great sale but I've never heard of them before
  3. Heavensent- You are always on top of things!! Way to go!
  4. Gotta be on top of the game , to keep up with the Jones lol
  5. I have the utility carryall in the aqua color (lagoon) and always get tons of compliments.
  6. I have not heard of Kale too. Cool bags though!
  7. Can anyone tell me what the Daily Candy discount code was? Thanks; it's still valid until November 25th.
  8. I'd like the untility carry all - how do I get the sale price? I must have missed something. Thx.
  9. Sorry guys i tried to get the code , but they basically told me u snooze u loose.
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