Kalahari VS Irene bag


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Mar 17, 2007
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I have been on TPF the past few months. Even tho I have been purchasing LV for years, but was never on this forum. I have learnt a lot since. But I still don't understand how this works with all the LE, or seasonal items. (I used to just purchase what I see in the store)
Like I bought the Kalahari (for SS 09) when it first came out. My SA told me it was supposed to be very limited. But I see Kalahari is always there on their web site. Seem like they keep producing it. But like the Irene bag (FW 09), it was sold out pretty quickly, seems like it is much more limited than the Kalahari. Even tho both are just seasonal items. Why is that? Or is it just simply because more people like the Irene, so more people bought it, that's why it was sold out right away?


Jul 9, 2009
That's a hard one.. I really don't know. Sorry! But the experts I'm sure will come soon. Hang in there!


Aug 8, 2007
Limited doesn't necessarily mean the bag is in demand or, therefore, hard to get. I think this is the difficulty in marketing a 'created' demand. Sometimes bags that are first introduced and take off, become limited until production eventually catches up to the demand.
Aug 17, 2008
Some bags are more popular than others. Is the price similar for both bags and are they the same size? Usually bags that have more broad appeal (or even just a better price/better value in this economy) will sell better. I think LV keeps the stuff around pretty long before they send it for destruction, and now the old rules of retail are gone anyway, probably forever. "Reduce and recirculate" seems to rule the day when it comes to inventory, and that's for all stores, they are bringing in less merchandise and keeping it longer to avoid losing money on cutrate sales.