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  1. Hi guys, not too many but here are my babies... And just for the record, I'm done buying bags until 2007. :rolleyes: I would hate to be on a ramen diet for the rest of the year! :wlae:

    Speedy 25, 30.
    Vavin GM
    MC ALMA!!! (My new pride and joy!)
    Balenciaga First
    Botkier Trigger

  2. Fantastic collection! I love your Balenciaga bag.
  3. Absolutely wonderful collection! :heart:3

    2007!? You must have some willpower LOL
  4. Wooo hooo :nuts: Great collection!! 2007?? Hmmmm lol.... Weee shall seeee....
  5. :heart: your collection!
  6. I love your collection! I was never that into LV, but now I am thinking I might need one in my collection. 2007? Ha, good luck, by the way ramen is good with eggs...
  7. Love the collection!
  8. Nice collection!
  9. I love that you have a 25 and a 30 ! And good luck on fending off ramen - I don't think I have so much willpower !
  10. Great collection! The MC Alma is beautiful! :heart:
  11. The alma is gorgeous. 2007?? Wow...you must have great will power. I think I would have to go with the ramen noodles.:lol:
  12. ramen is good with eggs.. i also like to throw lotsa veggies in there.... :supacool:

    one day after bag post... i'm already eyeing another bag.. :wtf:
  13. beautiful! i love your b-bag, TDF! :biggrin:
  14. Love your Botkier! :love:
  15. Your bags practically go with everything in your wardrobe and I admire your self control and willpower to stop purchasing bags for a while ... impressive!
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