Kahlua and Root Beer . . . YUM!

  1. Remember that How I Met Your Mother episode called Slutty Pumpkin? Halloween hijinx are afoot as Ted makes his annual trek to the same lame party in search of a girl he met there years ago, while Robin joins Marshall and Lily for a double date.

    When Ted met the girl, whom he dubbed the Slutty Pumpkin, she mixed Kahlua and root beer together. It was a drink she invented called the Tootsie Roll.

    It actually DOES taste like a Tootsie Roll!
  2. hahha, thinking about it sounds so gross, but maybe it wouldn't actually be bad?!!! :smile:
  3. It's not something you'd want to drink all the time. And you have to be a Kahlua person. And a root beer person.
  4. I am a root beer person, it's not too sweet?
  5. You mostly taste the root beer and then you get the Kahlua aftertaste.

    If you think root beer is too sweet, then it's too sweet.