Kahaki/Chambray Carly

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  1. I really like the Khaki/Chambray Carly and I was wondering if anyone has seen one in the stores or if they are available at any outlets? I think I would prefer the medium size. Thanks for your help.:smile:
  2. I think they sold out a while back. You could try calling Coach and see if there are any available. Good luck, its a lovely bag.
  3. i think the d istribution center still has a few in the regular size.. i remember because i had gotten the last large and they told me they had a lot of regular ones left
  4. Thanks so much for the information! I'll call tomorrow.
  5. i have it and had a heck of a time getting it (i got it during the last pce and, at the time, i was told jax didn't have any)
  6. I saw the medium Khaki/Chambray Carly at my local boutique tonight. It was on display...so there's at least one out there.
  7. I want this Carly so bad! there was a large one on eBay that went for $400 so I'd keep my eye on there!

    Good luck. I envy you. LOL
  8. I ordered mine from Jax about 3 weeks ago. Good luck!