Kage Handbags

  1. Hi, Fuzzy. Generally, it raises questions when one's first post is asking others to look at an outside link about an unknown or new brand. Are you affiliated with it? If not, I'm sorry; it's just that self promotion is not permitted here.
  2. I never heard of the brand but they're some cute bags. The leather looks good too.
  3. Sorry, I didn't realize that. I am definitely not affiliated with the brand. Just new here and came across these bags recently so I thought I would ask about them.
  4. I didn't mean to be off putting--I look forward to more posts about your purse interests.
  5. Never heard of them, but they seem nice.
  6. they are nice! i am the designer!
  7. This is so BOGUS!
  8. Bogus? This thread is from 2007.
  9. How about reading the post above mine:smile:

  10. welcome to tPF! while some people do get a bit leery about self-promotion, at the same time we really love having designers come her... especially when they ask us what we want in bags! RM and HH have built up big followings here for just that reason.

    it can be a fine line between soliciting feedback and self-promoting, but you can feel free to ask us for opinions and such. we like it when designers listen to us. :yes:
  11. great..i just saw that someone had asked about my brand here on this blog, so I thought I would answer---
  12. May I ask how you found the name for your bags? Because in my language kage means cake :p
  13. nope, they look ok
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