Kaching! Two additional scarves to my collection and some buckles

  1. I must now be on a Hermes ban! Every time I walk in the store to "browse", I can't come out without an orange shopping bag. :girlsigh:Tried some fabulous looking cashmere scarves as well. I love it that my SA (actually, I don't have an exclusive SA...I feel like I have a good relationship with all of the SAs...I'll work with anyone who is not busy with a customer) gave me handfuls of the Kelly Caleche for me to put in all my handbags! :love:
  2. Oooo, oooo. pics?

  3. im the same way. i try to only go in when i need something! lol. i went in today just to pick something up and did a quick sweep and i was out. so proud of me. LOL.
  4. I am trying to post pics but am having technical difficulties. It says my file size is too large! ugh. I am going to have to figure out how to down size!
  5. orange boxes make my heart flutter!
  6. I know the feeling, lol! Can't wait to see more pics!
  7. Ladies, presenting to you cheval de caractere....

    I saw this scarf in the scarf book last week. They didn't receive any shipments...Thursday, I got a call from my SA that she received one with a light blue/brown letter colorway. I tried the blue one and it was gorgeous. However, I still longed for a black/white colorway since I don't...or should I say "didn't" have a black/white scarf. One of the SAs went to the back to get me some new cashmere scarves to try and she found the black/white colorway!! YAY!!!
  8. ooh love that scarf!
  9. I wanted a "purple" scarf for the fall. I tried the project carres, de tout coeur...but they didn't go well with my complexion. My SA recommended that I try the passementerie in this color since I loved the cheval de caractere in that colorway. I love it! I can't wait to go to work! Haha...I never look forward to going to work, except the Monday after Hermes.
  10. Congratulations! Love that scarf! How lucky that she went in the back for you. Man I would love to go see whats "in the back" one of these days, LOL!
  11. Lastly, a gold buckle. My DH and I share belt buckles from H. I love the fact that now they sell the belt and buckle separately.
  12. Really lovely choices, congratulations birkinlover!!
  13. Gorgeous choices, congrats!
  14. Cool new stuff!
  15. yummy H haul! congrats!