Kabuki Necerful

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  1. Kabuki Neverful Redo. After having had one bag which I returned due to odor I had in my hands a second one in the store. Didn’t make purchase. Still longing for this great bag I tracked down one and was told there now is only one other available.
    I received the bag today. It has THAT odor. I’m keeping it because I really want this bag. Any Kabuki owners have similar situation. I think that all of the NF smell? Will it dissipate?
  2. Yes, mine has the odor that I haven't experienced before. Read that if you let it air out for a week, it should went away. I am still hiding it away from my hubby so I put it back to its package until Christmas ;)
  3. My Kabuki Neverful and Speedy absolutely stank when I first got them. However after being used and left out of the dust bag the smell does go.

    Sure if I stuck my nose against the canvas I could still get a whiff of that chemical smell BUT it is almost gone now.
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