K32 Sellier Epsom offer... thoughts?

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  1. #1 May 9, 2016
    Last edited: May 9, 2016
    Hi everyone, my SA is currently holding a Kelly 32 Sellier Epsom leather in Rouge Casaque for me. I love a structured bag but I'm just worried about this particular bag being too structured because it's sellier and it's epsom. Does anyone here own a sellier epsom kelly? How does it hold up, particularly the corners?

    I don't have a kelly yet and I would love to own one. I also think 32 is the perfect size for me. I ordered an SO a few months ago (K32 sellier togo in etain and blue indigo) although it could take years before I receive that. I'd love to hear thoughts about whether I should take this K32 Sellier Epsom in Rouge Casaque.

    Thanks in advance. :smile:
  2. I have a midnight blue epsom sellier in 28 with phw and I absolutely love it. I say go snatch that!
    I've had my kelly for about a year now but no sign of wear and tear.

    BUT. I do have to remind you that this particular kelly is small. Not the 32 that you were offered. So I've only brought it out once in a blue moon for special lunches/dinners/events.
  3. It sounds lovely!!! I used to own rouge casaque and its a lovely color!!
  4. I have a 25K sellier epsom. I love her. She holds a lot and I am not a small bag girl. The corners are fine. But I would probably be worried with a 32K sellier because I am not so tall and petite. But 32 holds a good amount. The corners may pose some problems but with epsom it's easily fixed from my experience with my B epsom RC.
  5. Very structured - Sellier in Epsom. Even being used tremendously, still keeps the shape.
  6. RC in Epsom is so beautiful! I prefer slouchy bags so can't really comment on the shape but the color is to die for!
  7. I have a sellier Epsom Contour K35 in Bleu indigo and absolutely love it.

    6 weeks and counting with no problems..... Just took it on its first international flight as my on board purse with no issues of nicks or scratches.

    Epsom takes colours well so the RC might be awesome.
  8. I love the structure of kelly sellier but in 25 or maybe 28 (I'm petite), I used to have one in 32 and the corners got worn up very easy because it's too big for my frame and corners were so easy to bang to other objects. But have to say the rouge casaque is a pretty color.
  9. Get it!!! I love Epsom and rc! I have Epsom kelly 28 in blue atoll and love her
  10. I have a 32 sellier RC Kelly (ghw) and I love it! It is not my everyday bag, so I may not be the one to comment on corner wear. The RC looks so nice in epsom! Very lightweight, too! I've had the bag for a little over two years and use it, on average, about 3-4 times a month. It is dressier than my 32 retourne kelly (blue indigo). On a daily basis, I reach for my retourne kelly or 35 togo birkin. Even though the RC doesn't get out much, I LOVE it. I always tell myself that I need to take her out more.

    I got my sellier first, and then about a year later, I received the retourne.
    Good luck to you! I hope this helps!
  11. Having seen your bag in person, I can attest that it's truly stunning!!😘
  12. YOU are the sweetest thing! :hugs: thank you!
  13. First of all congrats on your offer! Rc Epsom Kelly is amazing however, it's tough to know how you normally carry your bags. I for one, am very careful when I walk into crowds with my b/k. In addition, I don't walk often or much nor do I take public transport. I'm always in and out of the car. Yet, I would not contemplate a sellier 32 for exactly the reason of it being too structured because I don't want to have to worry about the corners much. But that's just me and my preference. I own a k25 sellier Epsom and it's held up wonderfully for 7 months even though I rotate my bags regularly, but it's also such a smaller sized bag so corner wear isn't really a concern. Hope this helps you..

    But also one question, you ordered a k32 sellier for your so...so you must have thought this through. What made you change your mind with this offer?
  14. Thank you for all your replies! I'll be getting the bag this weekend! :loveeyes:
  15. Thanks for your reply :smile: My SO was sellier togo, so the leather is less structured than sellier epsom. I am also careful with my bags, but I wanted to bring it for travel to Europe this summer. I'll be getting the bag this weekend. I can't wait!
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