K Of P Meetup!!...it Was Sooo Fun!

  1. I had such a nice time meeting everyone today! I just wanted to let you all know it was so nice to put faces to your names!
    Thanks to Selena who organized the luncheon and was so sweet to make choc covered pretzels for the favors!(Yes..my daughter ate mine on the drive home!!!!LOL!)YOU ROCK SELENA!
    I got to hang out with Jillybean,Fendigal,PGN,doulosforhim at NM afterwards too!They are all soooooooo NICE!(PGN bought the same Prada bag I was wearing..so we are now bag twins!!LOL! )

    I ended going back to LV at the end of the day...and ordered some amazing shoes.The LV manager had lunch with us and is like the coolest SA I have ever met and totally a sweetie.I will be using his LV from now on.He really was amazing to deal with..and way FUNNY!
    I bought(Thanks to Jillybeans influence..LOL) a AMAZING brown leather Vince jacket(from The Devil WEARS PRADA movie!) and then of course..EHEM..I went upstairs in NM and got the GREATEST new Prada jacket!!..a light weight one that I will post pics of!!
    I just wanted to say how sweet all of you were and my daughter had a great time meeting you as well!She wore the bag she won from the PF contest!
    I will post the pics of the bags we all wore today...in a minute!

    Thanks again to Selena for all the planning..we loves ya!:heart:
  2. Glad to hear you guys had fun! Wish I could of been there..
  3. The meet up was fun!! We had 15 members! My mom (crazybaglady) and my daughter (CarlyB) and I had a super great time! Carly got her first LV bag, a Damier Speedy 25 and I picked up the last Pastilles Charm Keychain and a Black MC Wapity. The LV Boutique manager was able to also join us for lunch too! It was so cool to finally put faces to everyone. The following members attended:

    Kathyrose and her boyfriend Neil, Fendigal, Crazybaglady, Carlyb, Jill and her daughter, Jillybean307, Wannahavitall, RozzieJ, Cranberrym, Doulosforhim, PGN...I hope I got everyone!! :smile:

    Glad so many could make it!!! :smile:
  4. glad all had fun , i am kind of mad i couldnt come ..
  5. It was such a fun day, and so great to put faces with names! Everyone was so sweet. Selena, thanks so much for organizing it all!:yahoo:
  6. Sounds like fun!! Glad you guys had a great time!
  7. wow...glad you guys had fun....

    carlyb, congrats on your first LV...
  9. Selena, thank you sooo much for organizing this. It was so sweet of you to provide us with homemade chocolate covered pretzel sticks for survenoirs. They were delicious. You are just amazingly awesome!!!!!
    I am so glad that i went. I had sooo much fun. Everyone was supernice. So awesome to put a face to a name. We should do this again sometime....
  10. can you recognize us...lol.. everyone looks fabulous!!..lol
  11. Sounds like a great time! I love meeting purse friends!!! And the bag shot is fun....such great taste!
  12. Glad you guys had a good time!!
  13. Douls, thanks for the kind words! It was my pleasure organizing it! It was fun to meet you!! :smile: Your a doll!
  14. oh wow, that sounds so much fun and very jealous that it is too far from me.. and the bags.. lovely.. so many Chanel bags.. hehehe...
  15. Sounds like a blast ladies!!!! I am sooo glad you all got together and had such a nice time!!! Any more pics :smile:

    Selena- you did an AMAZING job setting it all up!!!!!! :flowers: