K. Jacques are here!!!

  1. All the way from St. Tropez!
    Gold Byblos sandals!


    (pardon the ugly pedicure... It's winter alright???)

    Wooohooo! They smell sooo new!:heart:
  2. Those are really cute...and look great on you!
  3. Thank you dear!

    The Net A Porter article on K. Jacques...

    "K.Jacque sandals were first created in a small shop in St.Tropez back in 1933, by Mr. and Mrs. Jacques Kéklikian. Each shoe was made to measure, and it wasn't long after the couple set up shop that the who's-who of the jet set discovered their small workshop and the shoes became a French Riviera summer staple. Still family owned, K. Jacques are as essential to summer dressing as a favorite pair of jeans or white T-shirt. The original styles are still available, alongside new models like the Swarovski-sprinkled flats and the brightly colored cork platforms"
  4. I love K. Jaques!:heart:
    Great shoes. I´m sure you will enjoy them during summer.
  5. They are beautiful, congrats! I have two pairs from last season, especially love my gladiator ones. You'll get to use yours soon, hopefully. I'll have to wait for June, or for a vacation to warmer climes, sigh....
  6. May 1st I 'll be wearing those Lol!!! They 'll look fab with summer dresses. Thank God for Athenian climate, there is always sunshine over here!
  7. Those are so pretty. They make you look like a princess. I am so looking forward to the time of year when we can buy spring and summer shoes too!