K, I have been dying to ask you all.............

  1. What the heck is a wristlet really for? I keep buying these bags, feel guilt that I don't buy the wristlets...I'm a big bag carrier, Miranda, Lily, anything that will break my back......what do I need the wristlet for? Help me justify buying one or some. :smile:
  2. They can be used to carry on your wrist in place of a purse, say for keys and lipgloss and cell phone. Or carried in the purse for many things. A few cosmetics, little advil packs....depends on what you carry and what you don't want rolling around loose. I use them in my bags for small items that I don't want to have to dig for.
  3. I have one wristlet that I have yet to use because it's too big for a wallet and too small to be worn alone
  4. They are perfect for quick errands, running to the gym or just throwing into a bigger bag. I use mine for tampons, mini pads, too...when I have an open top bucket or tote bag I don't want someone getting a sneak peek of that stuff, KWIM?
  5. I use my wristlet to carry things that I don't want to dig for... like my phone. I also keep money in it when I'm carrying a smaller purse, since my regular wallet takes up too much space. I didn't think much of it when I first got it, but now I use it all the time!
  6. hi! i used to think like u..i always bought bags and thought wristlets were useless...i was so used to carrying a lot of things in my bags all the time no matter where i was going...then last pce i just decided to get the legacy leather wristlet just cause i'd liked it for so long and thought what the heck, just get it...and ever since i bought it, it's what i use most! i realized that i dont need to carry so much stuff and such a big bag all the time..i use my wristlet everyday especially when i run my errands and when i go to the grocery store..i still use my big bags when i go to school or if i'm going out for a longer period of time, but i keep my wristlet in my bag with my mini skinny, cell phone, and lip balm all the time...that way i dont have to keep switching between bag and wristlet...i can just grab the wristlet when i need to and go...i just all seems to work..the legacy wristlet is on the small side but coach does sell bigger wristlets that would hold more if u need more space...but i hope that helped!
  7. Personally, I use the Wristlets mainly as "wallets" because I can't really afford most of the Coach wallets (as beautiful as they are). And when I just want to run a quick errand and don't feel like carrying my normal or larger purse, the Wristlets have been pretty useful when I just want to use my Swingpack (which is generally pretty small) - I just attach the Wristlet to the outside of the Swingpack so I can fit additional items inside my Swingpack. But I wouldn't feel guilty about not buying a Wristlet to match my purse if I didn't feel the need for it - especially if your purse is the larger size unless you're using it as a "wallet" or something like that.
  8. I have a wristlet in every size....from the long skinny ones, the regular little ones, the capacity one, and an ergo one. ALL of them serve some kind of useful function for me!!!

    I adore the capacity wristlet (chelsea turnlock or the new lurex ones) because it feels dressy like a clutch but is very practical! You can fit a lot of stuff in there but not have to worry about lugging around a bag if you don't want. Sometimes a wristlet ties my outfit together better than one of my bags.

    I have every color scheme and now it's time to get a leather one...when pce happens of course!!! :smile:
  9. I carry wristlets so I can put things like ink pens and lip gloss away where they won't ruin the inside of my bag! I'd rather mess up a wristlet than my bag! Plus it makes it easier to find what I'm looking for when I know right where it is! I love the Gallery patent wristlets because they are less expensive than some of the others yet are just a tad bit bigger!
  10. I really like to have a matching wristlet for every bag I have, and I use them exclusively for cosmetic cases, for the makeup that I carry with me in my bag.
  11. I just got my beautiful new madison lurex wristlet in black and love it. I use it when I dont want to carry a purse or am going to class with my backpack. Then when I go out afterwards I have everything I need right there in a little wristlet.
  12. I use mine as wallets too!
  13. I am a college student so it is so handy just to put your phone, keys and $$$ in. Also, I slip it in my purse when I do carry one.
  14. I use my wristlet to hold my extra contacts, eye drops, tylenol, and lip gloss. That way it is all nice and neat.. on the rare occasion that I go to a casino or somewhere like that with hubby and dont' want to wear a purse, I will just take the wristlet.. but I have only done that once, but it was nice! For the most part though it is just to contain my little things inside my purse.. LOve it!!! :tup:
  15. I never carry just the wristlet, since I love all my "break-your-back" bags like you. However, they are really convenient for keeping important stuff together in those LARGE bags.

    For instance, I keep my id case, coin purse, and cash in the new patchwork wristlet in the pocket on the back of the Lily. Then we I need to get to my stuff I know where it is and don't have to dig in the purse for it. If I have to run out of the house really quickly (like to run for coffee) I can grab that if I know I won't need anything else in my purse.