K-Fed threatening to sell 4-hours long sexual tape with Britney Spears

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  1. K-Fed threatening to sell 4-hours long sexual tape with Britney Spears

    Dumped husband Kevin Federline has been touting the four-
    hour tape for sale and has already been offered £26 MILLION.
    ($50 million)

    A film company wants to make it available online to fans
    around the world.

    One close pal said: "This vid is dynamite and Kev knows it."

    And the News of the World can also reveal that Britney
    slapped divorce papers on Federline—who had already been
    linked with hookers—after she caught him in a bedroom with
    another woman.

    Britney, 24, fears the raunchy footage will destroy her
    wholesome image unless she caves in to his demands for a
    £16million payoff and custody of their children Sean Preston,
    one, and Jayden James, eight weeks.

    She is worried she will become infamous like Paris Hilton —
    whose home-made sex video, was put on the internet by her
    ex and became one of the world's most popular sites.

    Federline, 28, has bragged to pals that his X-rated tape shows
    the Oops, I Did It Again singer performing a series of explicit
    sex acts.

    The home-made video is believed to show the naked couple
    enjoying an uninhibited range of love-making and sexual
    games.It was made during the first weeks of their relationship
    two years ago when they were holed up in one of the
    exclusive bungalows at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles.

    The source close to Federline said: "At the time the two of
    them were in the honeymoon stages of the relationship and
    couldn't keep their hands off each other.

    "They did nothing all day but have sex—and play the odd
    game of chess.

    "They were insatiable and they believed they would be
    together forever.

    "Britney didn't think twice about making the video at the time.
    She mistakenly believed that their love would last.

    "They adored filming each other. They lived their lives in front
    of the cameras—even making a short-lived reality TV show of
    their exploits.

    "Sex was no different to them, it seems. Now this video could
    prove very costly to her.

    "Millions of people will be prepared to pay to watch.

    "Kevin has told Britney she should comply with his demands
    otherwise the whole world will see her having sex, which will
    be devastating."

    He added: "At the moment Kev is in talks with a company in
    Arizona about putting the four-hour sex vid online. If it all
    goes to plan he'll make £26million from it."

    The source explained that Federline is so enraged with his
    estranged wife he will do anything to hurt her.

    "Britney has contacted her lawyers to see how she can stop
    him but it is going to be a hard one. It is his tape, so in theory
    he owns the copyright."

    We can reveal Britney—worth at least £50million after hits like
    Hit Me Baby One More Time—filed for divorce after she
    stormed into his hotel room and found him with another

    The singer flew into New York a day after her wannabe rapper
    husband to join his tour.

    But he stood her up at The Library restaurant, and she was
    seen in floods of tears before storming to the Regency Hotel
    where he was staying. A source said: "It is against the hotel's
    policy to give keys to people not staying in the hotel, but she
    was so upset that when she demanded it they handed it
    straight over.

    "She raced up to his room and found another girl in there.

    "They didn't need to be doing anything. Just the fact she was
    in there was enough to confirm months of suspicions,
    rumours and accusations about him playing away.

    "Two members of staff were fired for handing over the keys,
    but the damage was done.

    "Britney had seen all she had to and decided their marriage
    was over on the spot."

    Last week she filed for divorce after dumping him by text.

    Federline is only entitled to £2million and half the sale of their
    £7million home in Santa Barbara because of the watertight
    pre-nuptial agreement they signed before they wed.

    Britney also gets to take back his £78,000 Ferrari, custom-
    made motorbike and any gifts worth more than £6,000.

    Two days later Federline filed his own divorce petition. He is
    demanding £16million, custody of their children and for
    Britney to pay his legal fees and maintenance.

    A pal said: "The bid for custody of the kids was a warning
    shot that Kevin means business.

    "And, more importantly, that he is NOT going to go away
    quietly with his pre-nup pittance.

    "He wants an awful lot more. and he'll most likely get it."

    But the star put a brave face on her troubles this week as she
    celebrated her freedom. She was spotted beaming away in a
    big baggy jumper at an ice rink in New York.

    Giggling as she took a twirl, the singer was filmed by a fan.
  2. This forum may not be able to handle all that needs to be expressed about this!

    I heard this a.m., on the radio, that the disc jockey had clips of the video already. It is all really just sick.

    He does not really care about his children at all to be carrying on like this with their mother. Enough said.

    It is all just about the almighty $.
  3. Oh dear.........what judge in his/her right mind would hand over those kids to him after these shenanigans anyway. ....it's always the kids that suffer the most.
  4. And this is a note in his own handwriting:


  5. OMG!! What a freakin' looser!!!
  6. I highly doubt either of them could complete a game of chess.
  7. well..this sucks for Britney...since there seems to be no way around this..

    She could go to court and fight it out....cause Britney will obviously win cause Kevin can't even support himself, doesn't support his other kids, doesn't have a job, is a really bad role model...and come on...which Judge in their right mind will give custody to Fed-Ex?...BUT..that would mean that Fed-Ex will sell the tape....or give him what he wants...BUT..how do we know he hasn't made a copy of it or leaked it out?
  8. LOL! I didn't even think about that!!
  9. I hope this isn't true. It's so sad. He's such an ass!
  10. LMAO Shyloo!! :roflmfao:

    It's been said time and again, but I'll say it again: NEVER film yourself having sex. It will always come back to haunt you.
  11. Ayway know if she can take legal action against him. Didn't someone get their sex tape suppressed and not available for sale, was it Collin ?? I feel bad for her. Poor BRIT BRIT!!
  12. My god!!! :'(
    he's such a jerk etc etc!!!!! argh I can't believe he'd go this far.
    the poor girl :/! can't she take legal actions againt this??? :sad:
    and which judge in his/her right mind would hand him the kids??
  13. ...So, here's the semi-important question:

    If it is released, how many of us will watch?

    This will be similar to the whole Paris sex tape thing...but bigger...and hopefully.. better.
  14. LOL well i never watched Paris' sex tape, nor Pam's so I doubt I'd watch this. However in all honesty I have no idea how to find porn on the internet anyways.
  15. Fed-Ex is pathetic.

    Not that I like Brit-Brit but I feel sorry for her and the kids esp.
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