K-Fed/Brit...your opinions

  1. Ok everyone...

    I have read countless comments on them here in the forum...what is your take on why she married him? Look at his background. Look what he has to offer. What does that say about her? What do you all think?
  2. girls look for guys just like their daddies, and i've heard that britney's dad was kinda trashy and/or an absentee father, so this really doesn't surprise me.

    i've also heard that he was kind of dismissive of her at first, and maybe she wanted someone like that because i'm sure a lot of guys are more than willing to beg for it, particularly when you're famous.
  3. I think she was dying to have a baby & he was an acceptable sperm donor at the time.. Seriously, this guy breeds like no-ones business!
  4. You know I wonder, I don't think that she could have been in a very good place when she met him self-esteem wise. I wonder how much parental guidance she has had since her success, I mean how much can you discipline your child when she pays all the bills! The fact that K-Fed had no $$$ and was a dancer and all that doesn't bother me really, women marry well all of the time without that level of scrutiny. What does bother me is his seeming total lack of character, I mean leaving the pregnant girlfriend and mother of your child, being in pics everywhere cavorting with Britany before the baby was even born, IMO that's just plain bad chracter on KFed's part and I don't think much of Brit for it either although honestly I never did!
  5. Materials wise, he is not good enough for her. And I don't think it's fair when people make fun of him and look down on him.

    He is who he is when Britney falls for him...and Britney was the one who initially did the proposing.

    It's not like he gave her drugs and seduced her into falling/marrying him.
  6. Sex......she met her match in bed!
  7. Hmmm [​IMG]....I don't think much of them.
    I hope she's doing well with her second pregnancy..
    They both have no class..so they meant for each other..
  8. Britney was dumped by Justin and at the time probably would have taken anyone in. She thought she needed a guy hence JasonA from her short Vegas wedding. Perhaps feeling empty and a void inside since money alone won't make you happy. Unless you are content with who you are and can welcome your own company, are you then ready for a partner. Britney was needy and didn't see the red flag from Kevin leaving an already pregnant women with his second baby. All of this is toxic. I hope she turns her life around, she seems so jaded.
  9. Honestly, every one always says why is "she" stuck with him. I tend to think they're about equal. I have a feeling Miss Spears had slim pickins when it came to someone who would marry her. She doesn't strike me as a great prize from the Cracker Jack box either.
  10. I could not agree with this more!
  11. Honestly i dont ever think dhe got over Justin. I think her fast vegas wedding was to open justin's eye that i'm not going to wait for you come get me and he didnt. I think that blew up in her face so she resolved that marriage. Still hurt she went after k-fed hoping justin again would come to her rescue and it didnt work again. I think its just a cry for help( justin) that she isnt over him.
    I truly think she realizes what k-fed is about but doesnt want to be the laughing stock (you bimbo) what were you thinking. Thing is she would have walked away when she had the chance but i think she thinks kids will/can change k-fed but that isnt the case. He just doesnt care and never will. He went along with it because he had nothing to loose and everything to gain.
    I hink that if she doesnt get out soon she will be banko in no time flat and when that happens he's going to walk and she will have even less. Where if she walks now she can get back on her feet, straighten up her life and make a great life for her and her kids.

    just my 2 cents.
  12. I feel sad for all the children involved. IMO Brit & Kev are both kinda white trash. She obiviously doesn't have great parenting skills and who knows what kind of a father he is, not great I'm sure. She went so far downhill after hooking up w/ him. But, Karma's a *****, I'm sure he's not faithful to her, just like he wasn't to Shar. What goes around comes around
  13. Britney has been in show business since she was very young. I am sure that because of that, she was socially very sheltered. She probably did not get a lot of the same socialization that ordinary kids do. Because of that, you are naive and your judgment is not the best. If anything, I view him as predatory. If it weren't him, it probably would have been someone else though, because she strikes me as someone not really equipped to fend off leeches. She reminds me a lot of Elizabeth Taylor when she was a young woman. Her first husband (ironically Paris Hilton's grandfather) was a drunk who beat her on their honeymoon. That marriage did not even last a year.

    As for her parenting skills (or lack thereof), we model ourselves mostly after what we've seen. She did not have much of a childhood, so she's probably struggling with how to do the parenting thing herself.
  14. Two thumbs down, thats all I have to say about those two.
  15. LOL... Who cares? I don't care about them! Sure, I do date some broken guys (yup, no job but they are very nice.) and I paid the dinner for them. LOL.