K-Fed and Justin Timberlake TOGETHER

  1. Location: Pre-Grammy Party. JT looks quite uncomfortable. LOL.

    Courtesy of Dlisted
    lovers1.jpg untitled.jpg
  2. I dont think he looks too uncomfortable but I think this picture is cute in a "Look Britney..." kinda way.
  3. LOL
  4. Funny pics
  5. Is Britney going to be at the Grammys? I am assuming that is where the pic is from. But what is kfed doing at the grammys then?
  6. hahahah
    he looks werid
  7. totally random...Justin's like "get me outta here"
  8. lol! you're so funny!:roflmfao:
  9. hahah, thats great... Justin looks like he wants to get the hell outa there, esp in the 2nd pic
  10. maybe they can get together, have coffee and talk about the good old times.:drinks:
  11. LOL. it must have been so weirdy akward!
  12. Hehe.
  13. Haha!
  14. lol!
  15. lol! I think he does look uncomfortable!