Jypsiere 38 or Massai Cut 40?

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  1. Which bag is easier to use as a daily bag? Please help! Thanks!

    I meant 34, not 38, sorry!
  2. I'm not sure what you mean by "easier to use"?

    Both bags are messenger bags and can either be left unstrapped (for the Jypsiere) or unzipped (for the Massai) which makes access very easy.

    The Jypsiere is more recognizable Hermes, since it has the iconic hardware, but the Massai is more under the radar with no obvious trappings. The Massai Cut also comes with a shorter strap so it can be a hobo handbag in addition to being a messenger.

    If I had to vote, I would say both are easy to use.. it just depends on which look you're after.
  3. Thanks pyrexia! What I said easier to use, I meant easy to go in and out of the bag without having to maneuver a lot of ties and locks. I like them both, the Jypsiere is more recognizable, like you said, but I like the zipper in the Massai Cut. The price is very different but I found a nice resale of the Jypsiere which makes it closer to the price point of a new Massai, though still a little higher, it's close enough. Tough decision.
  4. I think you've answered you own question Mic! The Massai would definitely be a lot easier to get in to since it just has the one zipper. I don't own a Jypsiere but maybe after some getting used to it is easier to get in and out of?
  5. I love my Jypsiere to death, but it is a freakin' hassle for me to get in and out of (it is the first version with the old hardware). I end up carrying it with the flap tucked in a lot. I still love it though! I get so many compliments on it. The newer version is supposed to be somewhat easier to use because of the new hardware.

    I had a couple of the Massai GM bags, and I hardly ever used them because I don't like zippers all that much, and I had to rummage through the whole bag to find stuff that settled to the bottom of the bag. That just did not work for me in the long run although I loved the look of the bag. I think the new Cut may reduce this problem.

    Can you try out both at a boutique? I have found that the only way is to put all of my carp in the bag and see how easy it is for me to get at it. Both are beautiful bags!
  6. I haven't tried a Jypsiere on, but I have tried the Cut 40 and placed what I normally carry inside it. It was very easy to get in and out of.. I think partly because it is wide (E-W, instead of N-S like the old Massai). I usually leave my bags unzipped so it was not a problem.