JWOWW heading to Spike TV's TNA Wrestling!

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  1. http://www.tmz.com/2010/10/10/jwoww-jersey-shore-tna-wrestling/#comments-anchor

    If JWoww is looking for a fight ... JWoww is gonna get a fight -- TMZ has learned the "Jersey Shore" starlet has just signed a deal with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

    Sources close to the deal tell us JWoww -- real name Jenni Farley -- just signed a one-night deal to appear on Spike TV's "TNA impact!" on Thursday.

    We're told JWoww doesn't have a match scheduled ... but she'll "probably be mixing it up" with a couple of Jersey Shore-alike wrestlers named Robbie E. and Cookie. :lolots:

    But JWoww ain't doin' the wrestling thing for free -- we're told she's pulling in a cool $15 grand for the night ... and the two sides are working out a deal to get her to come back to the show.

    ... and to think, Snooki didn't get a dime when she got hit on television.
  2. Didn't she lose the fight to Sammi? I bet this would make her feel better. IF she doesn't get beat down again.
  3. great! now she can get paid for her 'roid rage...
  4. she is a black belt, so i am sure she can kick some a$$, and i dont think she lost to sammi
  5. Will it be with Sammi?
  6. she'd have to ask Ronnie.. ya know she can't do anything on her own
  7. 'You can stay and get yuh ass beat, or you can stay and get yuh ass beat OR you can stay and get yuh ass beat'
  8. I don't believe that rumor for a second. She might have taken some martial arts classes, but she is not a black belt by any means. No martial artist would be that weak, especially in that brawl with Sammi. A trained martial artist would have a stance and control. J-Woww is just a 'roided out bully.
  9. She's a tough one, Sammi didn't kick her ass, far from that. This should be great anyway
  10. I wouldnt say either of the girls got their ass beat. And it was on when i was 17, her instructor said she was a black belt.

    And hello, they were drunk, its gonna change the way you would "stand" than when you are sober
  11. I would bet that liquor had something to do with lack of control, though she did get Sammi on the ground in one move.
  12. I don't believe it either. Even if it was on When I Was 17. Even when she isn't drunk, she's doesn't look like she has the self-discipline to be a master. She's always enraged by something petty and up in people's faces.
  13. Exactly. All the training in the world does not give you the means to execute correctly. A black belt is just a level. It does not mean that she is a disciplined master, it means that she went through the class completely.

  14. But if that's the case, none of it negates the fact that she's a black belt. She may not show the discipline that one would associate with someone who's black belt in taekwondo, but she's technically a black belt martial artist.