Juzluvpink's indulgence

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  1. Sharing my humble collection with all like-minded individuals..

    Couldn't believe my collection literally doubled within 1 year! OMG!

    Nonetheless I love each and single pc still..
  2. Got this classic in 2001. I don't use it anymore as it's too small for my working needs but I still treasure it lots as this is my first...

  3. [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]

    I got this in 2005 if I'm not wrong. I think it belongs to the Ergo series but I can't remember for sure.
  5. [​IMG]

    Got this shortly after the Carly series is being launched, I believe that's end 06? It's a wonderful bag, roomy and easy to retrieve stuff. Used it daily as a work bag until I got my next designer bag.
  6. [​IMG]

    Got this while holidaying in Tokyo in Aug'07. (Burberry Blue Label is exclusive to Japan)
  7. It seemed Loewe is not big on this forum. It's definitely not the highly sort after brand where I am located but I love the little 'bubbles' on the crown. Got this from a shop that sells pre-owned designer bags in May 08. FYI, it's surprising light and roomy. A very versatile bag as well.

  8. If you follow the posts, you'll see that I don't buy a lot of designers over the years.. but this purchase literally opens the floodgate and I've been buying since... :wtf:


    I bought the New Ball & card/coin case from BV Hawaii in June 08 (through a wonderful SA called Bryan) and I simply loved the Carminio. I like it so much that I asked a friend to look out for a wallet in the exact same colour when she visited HK. I was lucky and she managed to find one.. :yahoo:
  9. Close up look of my small french in Carminio


    PS: I'm still caressing the softness of the lambskin even after more than 6 mths of use.. the leather is just so.. heavenly.. :drool:
  10. After purchasing a few Bottegas within 1 month, I told myself I should go on a purse ban.. but I wasn' successful.. in Nov 08.. my DH bought me this beautiful bag..

  11. As I'm about to go back to work after I deliver our 2nd child, I wanted a bag to transport my breastpump to/from work. The medela pump bag that came along is just too heavy (*excuses!*)


    It's definitely very roomy enough to transport my pump and I can use it as a diaper bag as well!
  12. Along the way, I've also picked up a COACH Legacy Stripe wristlet..


    My small COACH family

  13. In Dec'08, I got this beauty from London, taking advantage of the weak pounds..

  14. And I picked this up during the Bottega Veneta end of season sale in Dec'08 as well..

  15. And I thought I'm done for 2008. But when I saw that I have a chance to bag one of these.. I couldn't resist! In Jan'09 I got one of these (you'll know which of the two soon)..