juz got home from holiday, n being terrored by paypal!!

  1. I have written thread about this here, but things get ugly..

    well, I bought this camera that cost me $289 from eBay, but the seller never sent the item. So I contacted paypal to take care of that and they just gave me back $175, not the whole money..
    Then people in TPF told me to contact my bank instead, so I did. and they cancel the transction. I got back my $289. and because of that, I have negative $289 balnce in paypal. They kept sending email about it and I keep explaining til I get tired and didnt respond to it anymore coz they still want me to pay $289. I'm not gonna pay for nothing! if it's about the $175, I understand and will pay that back. and now they concact collection so,
    1. I get annoyed
    2. even the colletion officer agree w/ me she cant do anything about it
    3. paypal doesnt seem to understand
    4. will it affect my credit history?

    Pls help me ladies, i dunno what to do..
    should I just give up and pay the $289?coz its really annoying to get phone calls two times day..but, should I pay for nothing??

    any suggestion would b appreciated:smile:
  2. Sorry I don't have any advice for you! The Paypal horror stories keep coming! Why are they taking the money from you when they should be taking it from the seller??? This is ridiculous!
  3. No, it won't go on your credit as far as I know from peoples experience with the same situation. next time they call tell them to go f**k theirselfs, there is no hope that paypal would evetually undestand your situation, their reps are stupid lowlife who don't even know what they are talking about... The only thing is that you won't be able to use PP ever again.... and it seems for the best anyway....
  4. Unless I've misunderstood, you've received back $175 over what you paid. Maybe this is the problem?
  5. I would think that is the problem. Paypal will freeze your account until you give them back their money.
  6. I'm not quite sure about the law in the US but if anybody calls collection in Germany it definitely goes into your credit history as collection overhere can only be called on a valid claim.
  7. You need to pay back the money Paypal paid you as it seems, if I am reading the correctly you have been paid back twice once $175 and $289. If they ring again tell them you will pay back the $175
  8. paypal can't hurt your credit, i think... that's what i read somewhere.. but you should jus pay $175, but NOT the $289...

    good luck!
  9. I agree that you should pay them back the $175 (that's probably their issue) and then hopefully they'll leave you alone.
  10. OMG! Sorry about it... I really can't understand why you've to pay back PayPal while you never received the item?? PayPal should 'contact' or 'terror' your nasty seller, not you! Really can't believe the bonafide enterprise such PayPal did that bad thing...
  11. Yes, this happened to me once. I got my money back from my credit card before paypal finished an investigation and they made my account negative. They probably didn't credit your paypal account because the seller doesn't have the money in their account to give back to you.

    Don't ignore them, as this will not help you. Call their customer service number instead of emailing. Their email system is generally worthless. It may take a few weeks to work out but you will have better luck talking to a live person.
  12. Last year I filed a claim with paypal and they were taking forever and I felt like I was getting nowhere, so I let my CC know and did receive a refund from them. However, once I processed the charge back with my CC paypal immediately closed the dispute and told me if I did not receive the refund from my CC then there was nothing they could/would do.
    So this poses the question in the event of a dispute should we just contact our banks & credit card companies instead of relying on Paypal?
    Any thoughts anyone?
  13. Yikes I hate such stories coz then I start getting reservations about using Paypal and most eBay sellers only accept Paypal, sucks.
  14. thx for all the story...

    yeah, i received $175 more than I should, but they want me to pay 289 not 175! Ive emailed them, but it seems like they don't read my email, just ask me to pay the $289 on and on..

    they still call me >.<' I'll try to call their customer service tommorow, as lorrihmatthews said..

    hope it could finish soon..
    and I WON'T use paypal again forever in my life!even if i find very good stuff and ask for paypal!!hehehe
  15. If a collection agency is involved it 1000% WILL affect your credit, even if PayPal doesnt have your SSN, etc, it will be attached to your credit history.