Juulia's LV collection

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    This is the last one left, it's my Mahina L in noir. I got this one over a year ago. Since then I haven't bought any LV, because we've spent so much on baby stuff. My daughter is now almost a year old, and now that I've returned to work, It's time for handbag shopping again.

    I'm planning on getting a Vernis Alma PM in rouge fauviste for christmas. Later this spring I'm going to Paris, and I'm going to get a Chanel 2.55 black lambskin jumbo with silver hardware. And maybe some Balenciaga too... Oh, and a Stephen Sprouse leopard stole!
  2. And thank you all for your comments! :smile:
  3. Great collection!! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Beautiful collection. Congrats on your baby. Babies are expensive.
  5. Gorgeous collection, I love the stories too.
  6. Gorgeous collection! I especially love your WC Speedy :love:
    I kick myself every time I see one and wonder why I was so stupid to not get one while I had the opportunity!! :shrugs:
  7. Beautiful collection. :heart: your Watercolor Speedy.
  8. I die for your Watercolor Speedy! Great collection, very diverse:biggrin:
  9. love love love it . love it all
  10. Beautiful collections, nice and yummy!
    looking forward to seeing your future purchases.
  11. Very lovely!
  12. Oh I love your collection!! :nuts: Especially your Milla MM in black MC, watercolor Speedy and Roses pochette (I missed out on these LE pieces because I "found" the world of Louis Vuitton as late as spring 2010)! And such delicate pictures. They look very pretty. You have absolutely great taste. :love:
  13. A big thank you for everone for your compliments! :smile:

    I just wanted to share that I got a new piece of LV today - a Vermis Alma MM in Amarante! It's so beautiful and the whole shopping experience with champagne and chocolates was just incredible. I'm in LVoe again! :love:
  14. Juulia, you have a really lovely collection. :smile:
  15. Oh! That sounds lovely! You got champagne and everything! :nuts: One jealous Finn over here right now :biggrin: I've never gotten anything like that.