Jute is Cute

  1. With many environmentalists keeping check on the rising levels of pollution and the amount of non degradable stuff being discarded by people all around the world, why cannot we contribute a little to improve the current status? For, small drops make up the great ocean. In asian countries jute is now being used widely. Bags and purses of many sizes and vibrant colours are now the in thing in these places. These bags are sturdy, handy and more than anything very very eco friendly!!! There are many small entrepreuners in India especially, who specialise in designs, patterns, not only with respect to bags and purses but also folders, pouches, mobile phone holders, believe it or not..... footwear and even clothes and junk jewellery.....all in jute. Going trendy the eco friendly way!!!!!!!!!
  2. Any recommendations for a stylish cute jute handbag?