Justin's Ugly Spat

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    Fan covered in phlegm after furious Timberlake confronts abusive teens


    HE was there for a live show, but it was more of a saliva show when Justin Timberlake rocked up in Sweden.
    The star was said to be spitting mad after a four-letter ding-dong with some abusive teenagers... and one fan claims he ended up with Justin's phlegm all over his Sexyback.
    The trouble flared when Justin and his new girlfriend Jessica Biel - plus their 10-strong entourage - went for dinner in Gothenburg's Hard Rock Cafe.​
    A gaggle of teenagers were hounding him for pictures, but when he refused, one boy screamed "f***face" at him.
    It's claimed that Justin, 25, then shot back with: "Are you calling me f***face? Go f*** yourself."
    An embarrassed Jessica hid her face in her hands, looking absolutely mortified.
    Sadly, things were about to get even worse.
    Members of Justin's entourage advised them to head back to the lavish Elite Plaza hotel to avoid trouble.
    This they did, followed by the teenagers, who carried on abusing him from outside.
    After a while, Justin appeared on the hotel rooftop with a woman - presumably Jessica - by his side. Sources claim that he then, bizarrely, started throwing a weird assortment of objects at his tormentors.
    Says an onlooker: "First a load of ping-pong balls came raining down. Then came a plastic bottle of water. After that, there was strawberries and other fruit.
    "And then came the phlegm."
    Nino Antonio El-Khoury was pictured with spit on the back of his clothes, which he claims came straight from the superstar's mouth.
    The 17-year-old said: "Justin spat on me."
    Let's hope he hasn't already washed it off - that phlegm could contain vital DNA. A senior hotel staff member told us: "These are the worst scenes we have ever seen here and we have celebrities staying here all the time.
    "It was manic, and I've never seen so many TV crew and photographers outside."
    It seems Justin's hectic world tour could be taking its toll on the normally laid-back star.
    Earlier in the day, he was said to have had a bust-up with Jessica when she wanted to take a picture of him during a two-hour stroll.
    Sweden's Aftonbladet newspaper writes: "Justin was in a foul mood.
    "Jessica wanted to take a picture of him and he was angry. He snapped, 'Do you want me to juggle for you as well?'"
    Last night he played his sell-out gig in the Swedish city and fans in the front row were drenched... in sweat.​
  2. Wooow, not nice Justin :tdown:

    I never liked him too much, but since he and Cameron broke up, I like him even less. Although I think that he and Jessica are a cute couple.
  3. All because someone called him a name??
  4. He should have been the mature one there and just completely ignore those idiots. The whole scenario could have been avoided.
  5. Silly Justin!

    Photographs go with the job. He should have just given a few photographs and then said "enough" and they probably would have been happy with that. He could have then enjoyed his meal and still had fans. Now he has lost some fans, had to miss out on his meal and ruined his evening (and everybody elses).

    In show business you have to take the rough with the smooth and basically keep your mouth shut!
  6. Yikes. TSK Justin!
  7. he makes alot of money he needs to be tolerant of the "little people"
  8. The more I read about him, the less I like him. He really comes across like a pompous jackass.
  9. :tup:
  10. ooooh cool down!!
  11. Hrmm...new girlfriend = different justin?
  12. Why can't celebritites play nice?
  13. me either!! :tdown::tdown::tdown:
  14. Wow, he's being a douch. I think he's trying to assert his masculinity. He can start by putting a little base in his voice. Where was this billy-bad-ass Justin when Janet needed defending after nipplegate?
  15. i'm very disappointed. i expected more from him...bummer.