Justins new song

  1. Yeah I like this song :yes: it is very nice ^^
  2. Haha..last night I was listening to different 'Youtube' versions of this song put to pics of Britney..very cool! I totally think it's about her as I don't believe Cam cheated on him. Lovely song.
  3. Nice
  4. Hmm, I wasn't actually tapping my toe.:s
  5. I'd never heard it before but I instantly loved it!
  6. It's a nice song...
  7. The video will have Scarlett Johanssen.

    To be honest, I don't think that song was about Britney. IN various interviews he's been quoted as saying he doesn't care anymore.

    I'm more convinced that Cry Me A River was about Britney, but I don't think this one is.
  8. I bought his CD last week.. It's really good~
  9. Yeah, it is! I'm bobbing my head listening to it right now!
  10. I like this too, and the one before this. Very catchy! It does seem from the lyrics that it's about Brit but who knows! I don't think it's about Cameron though.
  11. Me too!:p
  12. I'm not a fan of that song
    I prefer his first single
  13. I've had this cd for a long time now. My favorite song is Futuresex/lovesound. Anyway, if you really listen to the lyrics to "What goes around..." you can assume it was written a while back and could be about Britney. He may not care NOW, but if the song was written a long time ago....??
  14. I hear it was about was about Elisha Cuthbert who was dating one of JT's friends and she cheated on him. I thought it was about Britney Spears also.