Justine's summer so far... (with visual aids, of course)

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  1. Hi, everyone! It's been a while since I did a "reveal," isn't it?:graucho: But before I get to that business, I'd like to warn you guys this thread has to do with two other parts in addition to the reveal. (Yes, it's coming!)

    ★ First part, the Trip ★

    I and my sister fly out to Las Vegas every summer, mostly during 4th of July weekend. Yes, we know the fares are high and all but it just happens 4th is the midpoint of our b-days. Hers is 1st of July and mine is 7th.

    Now we've been to Vegas enough times (more than I can remember, literally) but it's still one of our fave destination. All the gambling, shopping, dining and wining... (Okay, just drinking to many others, lol) What not to like? So off we went again few weeks ago, excited as always. And which bags did we take to our annual b-day trip? :graucho:



    In case you are wondering what's all that green in the background, it's the golf course at Wynn hotel. I was supposedly given a room facing downtown at Encore, but part of golf course was still visible from one side of the window and well, it's much prettier than the other side.

    ※ Two lovely models used for the shot are sister's black 227 and my 09C Miss Red.:biggrin:

    But those two weren't the only Chanel bags who got to stay in posh suite with us as sister also brought her b-day gift from me.


    Some of you might remember how I was excited to find this several weeks ago. I've been waiting for a chance to get me a Ladybug flap for the longest time! But sis just happens to looooove this eye popping color and well, I had to give it to her. What I really wanted was actually the light purplish color Ladybug flap anyway, so I'm fine with the loss. Especially since sis got me something OUTRAGEOUS & AMAZING in Vegas!:yahoo:
  2. Aha! Just in time Justine (or should that be Justine time...?!)

    I'm off tomorrow so WILL get to see your reveal. Hooray!

    (That red is still nagging me... hmmm - really with I could see it IRL)
  3. Oh, and here's another group shot of "lucky" ones that made to the trip...


    I brought that Valentine as my evening bag of the trip.:biggrin:

    Now, how many of you caught that little shopping bag (carrier bag for UK pals) in the pic?:graucho: For those who are dying to see something, something NEW that is, here's the first reveal of the day.


    Yes. It's a wallet. But it's more like a card case. It's the size of a card case length and width wise. It is however, very different from most flat card cases with slots on either sides, as it looks like this inside.


    It's my lil souvenir from Vegas! Ooheehee~ I got it from Bellagio boutique.;)
  4. :popcorn:
  5. Now before moving to the second reveal, here are some pics of boutique at Encore Las Vegas.



    I know they are bad but I didn't really have much time as I remember to take the pics of the boutique right before I headed for the airport.

    The boutique is really tiny but it is just a little bit larger than one on Madison in NYC. Lol. And there's the fine jewellery store right around the corner, which is actually connected at the back of each stores. Lastly, for such a small boutique, it has some awesome exotic pieces. Here are "spy pics" of what they had as of 1st week of July.




  6. You stayed at the Encore, me too. I really like the rooms, ours was fabulous.
  7. Yikes! My darn computer is taking forever to upload!! Sorry for the delay...

    ★ Part two, the Dolls ★

    "Hello, everyone! Remember how Justine loves me, Russian nesting doll?"

    :biggrin: But this doll's not an only child. She has a twin.

    Wait! Did I say they are twins? They are actually...

    § Please excuse fuzzy pics. I took the pics this evening and it was rather late.
  8. yay, I am loving everything so far.... more more!
  9. #9 Jul 15, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2009
    But hmmm... It looks like someone else wants to join the quadruplets.


    "Hello, four little guys! I'm your older sister."

    The elder sister shows similar traits as the quadruplets but since she's older (and wiser?) she gets to have extra accessories in addition to the pink flowers. First, there's the gold belt she tied into a big bow on her right side...

    And of course, she has to carry a BAG!

  10. OMG!! Trust you to find something so stunning and unusual! She's adorable. Not seen her anywhere! Well done!
  11. Oooooh!! Live reveal!!! Love your wallet color and is that a Matriochka chain belt or more "complicated" necklace version? Reveal reveal!! I miss your reveals J!! You always make my day brighter!!;)
  12. What a great thread! I'm loving it!
  13. Hahaha! Now I'm sure it's the chain belt with the interwoven chain!! Is it is it? I've seen the black/white version and it's AMAZING!! Reveal reveal!

  14. This is so NOT helping my packing plans... LOL But far more enjoyable.

    So, it's a belt?! Woweee!!
  15. The Russian dolls are so cute. Congrats! Happy belated birthday.