Justin Timberlake CD Release Party

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. Hello! I came across these pics of Justin Timberlakes CD Release Party on instyle.com and they are so cute, so I thought I would share :P

    I :heart: Sexyback!!!

  2. Mr Hefner looks fab!

  3. Awww... look at Lindsay's broken wrist

  4. Heather makes Tee's look hot!

  5. Nick Cannon says "he dun it!!"

  6. I love Christina, she looks so cute!
  7. cool ! thanks for sharing, I'm obsessed with "sexyback"....
  8. ^ agreed! Christina's lips are so perfectly done!!
  9. ooh! thanks for sharing!

    i love christina...i wish i went to see them when they were both in toronto going a joint concert!
  10. All the best to him, but I really don't care for his song.
  11. i love his songs
  12. Ugh he reminds me of my ex. I like his songs though, they´re good to boogie to.
  13. Heather looks so youthful! I hope I age at her snail pace. Cameron just annoys me.
  14. I love the entire CD! I ran out and bought it the first day it came out!
  15. Thanks 4 sharing
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