Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz break up

  1. Hmm, it says they broke up in mid-December but that's when he was on SNL and she was with him that night. That doesn't mean it's not possible but not sure if I believe it!
  2. Yeah and she was on Parkinson in the Uk end of dec saying how happy they were etc
  3. Ehh, she's probably a beard.
  4. :roflmfao:
  5. I dont think I believe this just yet, they're such a cute couple! I'm not in denial
  6. I didn't really like them as a couple....
  7. I hope this is true... now he can be all mine!!! :p
  8. I'm so not surprised. I saw something on him yesterday and said I bet he's going to break up with his old girlfriend.
  9. John you are hilarious! Well, I don't think I believe it yet! They even said he is now with Scarlett! Imagine if he goes back to Britney! lol!
  10. Oh Justin and Scarlett would be HOT together. I LVoe her!
  11. I know! She is really pretty! She is I think on his new video.
  12. kinda sucks for cameron if he did go out with scarlett because after her and jared leto broke up, jared dated scarlett for a while.
  13. He should get back with Britney:nuts:
  14. I belive its true, Pereze Hilton is right so much of the time and he usually knows the inside before its put out in the mainstream news (i.e. Extra, ET, Access, etc)

    I think the only thing that can salvage Brit's career is if she and Justin got back together...oh what a sight that would be