Justin still roots for Britney.........

  1. 'I wish her well, and I want to see her win', he tells GQ in its August issue. 'I don't think you can ever count somebody like her out', he says of Spears, who broke down in tears during a recent interview with NBC's Matt Lauer. 'Because she may appear one way, but she's very clever'. 'I was in love with her from the start', he tells the magazine. 'I was infatuated with her from the moment I saw her'.

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    Source: celebritywonder.com
  2. i think he's too good for her.. i'm glad he didnt end up with britney!
  3. He's soo cute!!! Can't wait to hear his new album
  4. awww, serious sweetheart!
  5. What a very stand up thing to say, especially since he did rat her out on national TV (yes, she was lying out being a virgin at that point, but it wasn't his place to tell everyone).
  6. He is a nice guy for doing that. He really didn't have to. I wonder why he broke down? Because he was talking about Britney?
  7. I think they made a great couple. I feel bad for Brit, she changed completly (to the worse) after they broke up.
  8. such a sweetie
  9. i think he is too good for her but then again i dont really like him w/ cameron either...just something about the two of them...
  10. I do agree that he's way too good for her. I :heart: himmmm!
  11. Very sweet of him...
  12. He seems like a very nice guy! I have to admit, it was sad to see him and Britney break up back then. I wish they stayed together! I CAN'T stand Kevin Federline!!!!
  13. ITA.
  14. Makes me wonder if he's using this to get good publicity for his upcoming album, because she's still more photographed than he is ...
  15. Britney got just what she deserved, Kevin had a girlfriend that was pregnant with HIS child! She uses the excuse women like her always use"I didn't know he had a girlfriend." OK, and once she did find out she still stayed with him. That should've been clue number one the type of person he is. I am a firm believer in KARMA, therefore I don't feel bad for her at all, as I stated before but, now in my ghetto slang, she gettin it how she lived. I bet Shar is eatin all this up!