Justin Moves On????????

  1. He was just break up yesterday, but rumour said he's already spends some "quality times" with these two lovely ladies....

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Both were blonde and gorgeus (and so does britney n cameron at their hey-day), which one do you think will make it????


    source: CelebrityWonder.com - The Latest Updates
  2. I hope Scarlett will stay with Josh. (Rumor has it they're still together, despite the recent break-up speculation.) They look so cute together! :yes:
  3. Scartlett was in a video of his, I think it was filmed recently. Maybe that's why they're linked{?}
    Kate has some baggage, I'd be surprised if they hooked up and got serious.
  4. I agree with swanky, I will be surprise ig he goes out with Kate.
  5. just a rumor, with a new movie and his comeback cd, all eyes on him, bad or good, is..good.
  6. Kate is such a lovely girl. Scarlett looks too stiff.

    Kate already has a son and Justin is still young...it should work out fine. I think they will get along fine. Both have good sense of humor.

    But again, we are still not sure if he and Cameron have broken up.
  7. ITA I think Kate is so adorable!
  8. I need Proof!
  9. OMG Imagine He's really does get back with Brit Brit:nuts: :wtf: !?!?!
  10. What happened to Kate & Owen? I'm so behind...
  11. Supposedly, he wasn't willing to commit to a relationship and didn't want to go to her family holiday get-together in Aspen (or somewhere like that), so it's over between Kate and Owen. New Year's Eve was her wedding anniversary with her ex.
  12. me too!

    i was quite confused as to which justin but everyone commenting i think it's timberlake?!
  13. Yes, Timberlake! :yes:
  14. Ummm..I kinda think that Scarlett is ugly..just my opinion though!

    Nooooooooooooo..he needs to go back out with Britney so that he can help her clean up her act!!!
  15. Hmm... let's see... I personally hope that he and Cameron are still together. But if not, I don't think there's anyway he would go back to Britney. After K-Fed, I'm not sure that any guy in his right mind would want her until she figures things out for herself.