Justin Bieber!

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  1. hi all!
    How do you like Justin Bieber and his style? Kids are really crazy for him and i find nothing such in him to get crazy for. I mean what is this guy?
  2. My kids adore him!
  3. My kids are 12 (Girl) and a boy 9 they have no interest in Justin , my daughter doesn't rate him either she thinks he's too feminine and "Girly"- She prefers the Jonas Brothers
  4. He's a couple months younger than me. And personally, I really dislike him. He just seems SO full of himself and like the fame has gone to his head. And he's not attractive in anyway. He would be in my grade and probably come up to my waist....
    I don't get the hype & he kind of irks me.
  5. My youngest sister (14) loves him, I don't get the hype, from what I've seen he's just like any other mass produced pop 'star', his songs are awful, I can't stand his helmet hair and he closely resembles a prepubescent girl. He has no real talent... he'll end up like Britney Spears (without the comeback).
    When I was my sister's age I was obsessed with Orlando Bloom (too bad he can't act) and Marat Safin (I still love him :shame:smile:. The movement towards feminine boys/men creeps me out...
  6. I think he's adorable and has a pretty good singing voice and dance moves. But yes, he is completely overproduced and he will probably stay popular for a long time because he has Usher and a great management/publicity team behind him.

    He is no musical/lyrical genius but his music is fun to listen to :smile: I'm not ashamed to say this at the age of 22.

    EDIT: Shouldn't this thread be moved to "Celebrity News and Gossip" considering we aren't actually discussing his STYLE? :smile:
  7. Or will he buy his way out (again)?


    How could you live with yourself if you were an adult male and got Biebered?
  8. putting your hands on anybody is never the answer. But, DAMN! Dude got beat up by the Beibs!
  9. True, but if anybody deserves to get Biebered, it's the papps.
  10. I didn't click on the story but listened to the story about it on the radio this morning.
    I heard that Selena dropped her Blackberry and the pap picked it up and wouldn't give it back to her, also something about the guy getting in front of Biebs car and refusing to move{?}
  11. Geez not sure if it's true but I don't blame these celebs for snapping. The paparazzi can be so aggressive and violating. I applaud anyone who keeps it together, but they cross a line when they get so close to cars and take personal property. It is very violating, especially one's phone being handled with so much personal information on there.
  12. He tryin' too hard to get street cred.... lol....
  13. I agree. I couldn't take it. The Biebs was trying to stand up for his chica. He gets on my nerves but gets props from me if this is true.
  14. this is that fine line they walk. You can't have the paps on speed dial and then turn on them the next minute.
  15. Not saying beating someone up is okay, but even if he calls the papz, they have no right to get too close or take belongings.