Justifying the purchase of Manolo Sedarabys.

  1. Manolo Sedarabys are part of the Cristina's Holy Grail of Shoes list. I often go into Saks, just to stroll by and admire them, sometimes try them on.

    Each time, I talk myself out of buying them because I've always seen them as an evening shoe. I rarely ever go anywhere that would call for such a beautiful pair of shoes. The bar we always go to with friends just won't cut it :p Knowing my luck, I'd slip on the beer-covered floor :rolleyes: and the shoes would go flying. I'd only wear them for dressy, evening events a few times a year.

    Still, part of me wants to convince myself that I can wear them in the daytime. I see myself (only in my mind :lol:) wearing them with dark denim, jeans and a basic black T-shirt, or dress pants and a basic top - something low key, so that the shoes sort of speak for themselves and make the outfit.

    Am I crazy to think that I can wear them as daytime shoes? Do you ladies see these as evening shoes only? Would it look (!!!) tacky? I have a couple of pairs of shoes (Miu Miu sandals and Louboutin leopard wedges) coming tomorrow. I'm tempted to return them ASAP, buy the Sedarabys and mark them as "Bought!" on the Cristina's Holy Grail of Shoes list.

    TIA :p
  2. personally i'm not sure i could rock them as a day shoe but then again i wear a patent chanel bag for running errands sometimes so why not? i do think they're so classic that they're an awesome thing to have in one's "shoe wardrobe" kwim? that way if you ever have an event or dinner or anything you have a fabulous shoe, you know?
  3. i debated a pair of the loubou leopard wedges too.
  4. are they made of satin? sequins? if no, then wear them anywhere you want to
  5. Personally I love these shoes (it is also on my to get list!) and while yes I agree they are "formal" shoes, I totally think you could pull it off with the outfits you have in mind! I mean, I currently live in AZ (though from a more conservative/formal Boston) But the lifestyle and fashion in AZ is more dressy/casual and this look is quite common! I'm sure you know the style I mean since you live in FL- so I really think it would work for you, KWIM?
  6. Heather, I see what you mean. True about having them as a staple in one's shoe wardrobe, just in case anything were to pop up, say, Queen Elizabeth showed up at my door :p

    No satin, no sequins, but an "embellishment" on the toe area, I would describe it as. I should have posted a photo, sorry :shame:

  7. lol. not exactly what i meant.... lol. but seriously doesn't every woman need one really fabulous amazing stunning pair of not the most pratical shoes in her closet? i say get them! (manimly because i have always wanted a pair too!)
  8. OK. Don't think about this one more second. Buy the shoes. Immediately. When you get them and open the box, and put them on, you will have this huge beautiful smile on your face... and there is your justification. And as for not being a day shoe, I know someone who wears hers to the supermarket (with jeans and T shirt) and looks fabulous! (She has both the camo. and the silver). And by God, I'll do the same when I get mine.
    I know I'm being bossy, but this is important... we're talkin' holy grail shoes here.:smile:
  9. Cristina, I love those shoes and yes! I love your idea of wearing them during the day with something basic! I think they will look great! :heart:
  10. p.s. Forget to say that I think that silver would be the perfect color for a daily use, while I would say mmm for the red!
  11. I absolutely L O V E the camouflage Sedarabys :love: If I could find them in my size, I'd grab them in a heartbeat. I think it's the teenage punk rocker leftover in me.

    LOL :lol: at your post! I have to announce that I have the shoes on hold for me at Saks! Surprisingly, I ended up having the SA put a 38.5 aside for me. I usually wear a 39 or 40 in Manolos, but the 39 was huge! And this is after an entire day of being on my feet, so they were pretty tired and swollen.

    I am determined to get them, and return the Barneys order. I have the feeling that the Louboutins, although super gorgeous, won't fit me. They're closed-toe, and a 40. I usually have to size up to a 41 for closed-toe CLs. I may keep the Miu Miu sandals :shame: but we'll see what they look like in person.

    My Holy Grail shoe. Eeek! :nuts:
  12. Ohh I hope the CL's do fit you! I like these Manolos...I really need to get myself a pair soon!! I want to try out your HG shoe! ;) For me, it is the CL simples in 85 mm or 100mm
  13. You cannot go wrong with the Sedarabys. They'll be in style for a long time, so even if you don't wear them regularly, you'll still get a lot of wear out of them. I would not wear them to work, but I could see wearing them on a Saturday with jeans... why not?
  14. I loveee loveee loveee those shoes!
    They are classic & who cares where or with what you wear them with. They are an infamous shoe, so they go with everything!!!
    They will never go out of style & you will always look good and classy!
  15. Agreed! CL might have caught me in a whirlwind but I am ever loyal to Manolos and SATC :p I think they can easily be paired with a casual outfit, I do this often. Just think Victoria Beckham-esque... and rock it!