*** Justify your LV purchases here ***

  1. Do you give yourself an explanation everytime you decided to buy another LV? Write down all your excuses and justifications on this thread. Let make this thread fun, and to track how many times we give ourselves or our signaficant others reasons of why we deserve another LV treat!


    I got a BIG raised about 5 months ago, and I told myself I should really celebrate it by getting myself an LV bag. Now that I can afford one bag without intefering with my regular expenses, so I went to LV boutique & picked up a bag but my DH decided to pay for it. It was very sweet of him :love:. But I felt like I didn't spend any of my "raise" money yet.. LOL... a week later I purchased a mono pochette wallet with my own money to match my bag. Now I can say I bought something for myself because I got a fat raise. My DH said "no comment".

    Last Christmas, I didn't get any LV from my DH (despite all the hints & winks I gave him). So I went and got myself another LV bag and said to him "it is my xmas gift for myself" :yahoo: I felt really good about it, and my DH didn't get upset at me either. :yes: good strategy.

    Recently, I can't help myself and got another LV bag... This time I had to play sympathy with my hubby. :crybaby:My reason for this purchase was I gave birth to our second child and needed a little pamper for all the pain through the labor, and hard work around the house... :tup: works like a charm! :roflmfao:


    Now it's your turn! I want to hear all your excuses, reasons, and justifications you gave yourself for each LV purchases. So next time I ran out of excuses, I can come back to this thread for tips.... kekekekkeekkk :supacool:
  2. My hubby finally purchase something for me, he was suppose to buy me something for the holidays this week, but didn't so when I went to purchase my Berkley he was with me and bought it for me. However, with my birthday, valentine's day, anmniversay, mother's day NOTHING, so I bought myself some bags this year
  3. I am the Mom of 4 children (who were born all in 17 months, mind you! Triplets plus one)

  4. No excuses - I just buy them! Others buy cars or jewellery or audio systems...
    Regina :smile:
  5. i buy it bcos i WANT THEM...:p:graucho:
  6. My 3 pathetic excuses/justifications include:

    1. It's a limited edition, so buy it NOW :shame:

    2. Get it before the price increase :s

    3. It will only appreciate in value over time :shrugs:

    None of the above are really logical, but I need rehab, what can I say ? !! :p
  7. ^^ ITA !!! In fact, I've used these excuses on my DH already, but he didn't buy them. LOL. In my world, I need to give explanation that makes sense to him. lol.
  8. 1. It's a limited edition.
    2. It's my birthday.
    3. It's our anniversary.
    4. It's Valentine's Day.
    5. It's Xmas.
    6. I deserve it!!
  9. 1. I just want it
    2. It's Limited Edition
    3. In the long run, I save $ on purses
  10. 1. its LE
    2. i deserve it, i work hard
    3. its ok, ill keep it forever and the cost will be pennies a day
    4. f*it, i want it. so there.
  11. OMG! I love this!!! You are right girl!!! You should have unlimited access too all things LV for life!!! Bless you! I thought 2 in less than 2 years was rough!! lol
  12. LOL!!!!
  13. My bf has bought me some bags and when I buy them for myself, I feel it's deserved! I work hard... and plus - we can't take our money with us can we? :p
  14. birthday, christmas, valentines day, anniversary... oh and if i get a raise or bonus.
  15. 1. This is well-made and will last me a very long time.
    2. I think this bag is beautiful, and to show my appreciation for those who made it I will buy it.
    3. Oh the price is going up, I better get it now.
    4. Audrey Hepburn carried the Speedy 25, it is good enough for me.
    5. Happy January!
    6. I was sick, I deserve an inclusion bracelet right?!
    7. Today ended in 'y', we should celebrate this.