justifiable to cancel transaction???

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  1. if I (the seller) am not confident that the buyer does not comprehend the terms of the auction and international postage (customs fees incurred, etc) is it justifiable to cancel the transaction? There is a large language barrier between the buyer and I. And as a seller (looking out for my best interest) I am not confident that she understands what I am trying to explain to her because her responses and correspondence have no fluidity and plain out do not make sense at times! I honestly think we are just both confused..... what should I do? thanks.
  2. I find it perfectly justifiable.

    There is no way that you two can communicate, you have no way of understanding if THEY understand.
  3. Absolutely. Do you know if anyone here speaks the language? Maybe they can help decipher for you. I'd just cancel it with a note to the buyer.
  4. I would send her a message asking if she has a friend to translate as you are confused. If she wants the item that badly she must be able to do something..
  5. I would make sure that both of you are aware of the terms of the sale and if not (which it sounds like she's not) then I'd cancel it also ~ just to be on the safe side.
  6. I would send the buyer an email restating the terms of the sale and ask them to respond whether if they agree or not so you can have as a reference if they complain or what not.

    If you're still not totally sure and you are still confused about what you should do, you need to contact eBay Customer Service and they can advise you on what should be done.
  7. ebay-aholic">
    I did that already. this was our correspondence:
    I think you do not understand what I am trying to explain to you.
    I cannot charge you a tax. However, your country's Customs
    Agency will inspect the item once imported into your country.
    They may also charge taxes and fees for the imported item. Now
    before I send you an invoice, do you understand that 1) I (the
    seller) will NOT mark the item as "gift" at exportation 2) the item
    MAY be subject to inspection upon importation into your country
    3) you MAY be charged additional Custom's fees and taxes which
    I (the seller) am NOT responsible for 4) the item MAY remain in
    possession of your country's Customs Agency for an undisclosed
    amount of time (they might hold the item until it passes
    inspection). If you do not understand or agree to any of these
    terms. I will be forced to terminate the transaction.

    and her response.....

    Thanks for your help and concern. For the tax fees i have totally understand your question, coz i have already check through my local custom tax fess information of the amount that i have to pay. the only different is that the invoice of the goods have to pasted outside of the parcel that will be easy for me to collect from my door step, you can also chose not to show out the invoice by puting inside the parcel, then i need to go down to my local post personal to collect it.
    pls let me know will you provide me the original receipt,dustbag,box a upon delivery

    ... all I ask of her is that she writes "yes I understand that I (the buyer) am responsible" but for some reason, I don't convey that message from her response.... And as for the "invoice" I think she thinks that if I put the invoice on the package, it will not go through customs, and If I place it inside the box, it will be inspected. So that's why I don't think she understands that all items imported into a country must pass through customs. A few e-mails followed this one. In the last one i sent her, I plain out asked her if she is confusing "invoice" (business invoice) with "customs forms/invoice" No response as of yet.....
  8. exactly what I am concerned about.

  9. May I ask whether this maybe is a German/EU buyer? :shame:

    If yes, I can shed some light on what she is talking about :yes: I'm in Germany as well and when receiving items from outside of the EU there are two ways it can work. Everything will go through customs (and I really think you're buyer understands that ... it might be just some kind of language barrier) but whether you put the (paypal) invoice (which has to state the paid amount) on the outside or inside of the package really makes a big difference:

    Inside of the package/No invoice at all:
    If you send your package with the invoice inside of the packet or without any invoice it will be delivered to the local customs office where the buyer has to pick it up and show any kind of proof of how much she paid so the custom fees can be calculated.

    Invoice visible on the outside:
    If you attach the invoice which shows how much the buyer has paid directly to the outside of the package (I think you can put it in that envelope with the custom forms) the custom fees can be calculated directly and the package will be delivered to your customers door and the fees will be collected by the mailman.

    This really makes a big time difference sometimes as it can take up to a week until the local customs office lets you know that they have a package for you :shame:

    Hope that helps :flowers::heart:
  10. kittie- thanks for the help. No she is from singapore. But we decided to cancel the transaction. She calculated that her customs fees would be very expensive. THanks for all the help guys!
  11. ah ok .. glad that it worked out for you :flowers: