1. this show is pretty good so far... they show how media and appearance can and will influence the outcome of a trial... and at the end they show what really happened... :yes: anyone else has watched this show? What do you think about it??

    a little info on the cast:
    with Victor Garber (Jack Bristow from Alias) and Kerr Smith (Jack McPhee from Dawson's Creek) as the leads and Eamonn Walker, Rebecca Mader to round off the cast...

    here is a description from the website:
    This series follows a group of top-notch lawyers, each with formidable skills in their respective area of law expertice, while allowing viewers a behind-the-scenes look at how cases are tried in the media. Pictured L-R: Kerr Smith, Rebecca Mader, Victor Garber, Eammon Walker.
  2. oh I watched it and completely loved it. While I was watching it, it completely had a Jerry Bruckheimer feel to it. Low and behold produced by him. I love Jerry and his shows.
  3. Watched it and loved it. I love seeing the end too (so far).
  4. I finally got to see this show. I really enjoyed it and I like seeing how it happened at the end of the show.
    Thanks for posting this topic, I never would have seen this if you hadn't.
  5. Did anyone see tonight's episode? I just got done with it. I cried at the ending. For a second I thought the mother unbuckled it herself but it was a malfunction. The belt snapped open. It was so sad.
  6. I saw it! I was on the verge of tears :sad:
  7. I seriously thought for a second that she did unbuckle it (even though I was really hoping that she didn't do it and she didn't!) cause the look on her face.....her kid looked so happy. I thought to myself she wouldn't do it to her kid like that....and she didn't. It was an accident. :crybaby:
  8. I thought she did it to herself too :sad: That stupid guy was hitting on that girl instead of doing his job!
  9. I was starting to think she had done it herself too.

    I haven't seen every episode, but I wonder if they will always win.
  10. Just an FYI, Justice will be on hiatus until after the baseball playoffs. If you are a fan, don't forget to look for it again in late October/early November as from what I understand, the ratings are a little iffy and it may be in danger of cancellation.

    I definitely enjoy this show a ton. I can even overlook the repeated failure to object on behalf of the attorneys following the frequent violation of the Federal Rules of Evidence that occurs in every courtroom drama because Justice doesn't seem to take itself too seriously.
  11. I am loving this show, I really hope they don't cancel it!
  12. yeah it was kinda sad how the little girl lost the mom...
    i hope they wont cancel the show...
    and i can't wait to see one where the client is actually guilty but they got him/her free anyway.. hehehe
  13. Justice is back on :yes: Did anyone watch tonight's episode? Its about time they lost a case! It was still good though haha
  14. I tivoed last night episode. I heard a rumor that Justice might be canceled? I hope not. I really like this show.
  15. i just watched last night's episode...
    i know they were due to lose a case...
    i was hoping that they will also do the appeal...
    poor kid... :crybaby:

    i hope they won't cancel the show i like it a lot!!