Justice for counterfeiters

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    This is an excerpt of an article with respect to Japan news:
    A couple that was selling counterfeit goods over the Internet was arrested. Based on investigation, this couple during early this March, via an auction site on mobile telephone, sold a copy of an Hermes handbag for approx $250to a 21 year old woman. If it were real, it would ususally be $8K through $9K. On the same day the police were able to discover a rental storage which contained approx 2000 items of luxury brands, such as LV and Chanel.....

    Good to see that there is justice in the world after all.
  2. Wonderful news.
  3. Mods, I actually intended to post this in the H bag sub-forum (although the news has general applicability). Is there any way that it can be moved?

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  4. I clicked on the link and it :wtf: freaked me out:wtf: b/c i can't read japanese (i can understand some) but then i read your summary and was happy.:yes: :heart: :yes:
  5. didn't mean to scare you! I should have put the link at the bottom of the posting, instead of at the top. Sorry about that. :idea:
  6. Thank G-d there is justice in this world on the rare occasion
  7. Yes, shame this doesn't happen more often.