JustFab.com - Scam?

  1. Has anyone ordered from Justfab.com? I wanted to order a pair of shoes but when i googled it, i read reviews on how they sell replicas, and some people got monthly charges for shoes they never ordered but I didnt see on the site anywhere claiming the shoes to be designer brands...?? Please shed some light if you can! LOL
  2. this what it says on the site:

    What brands do you carry?
    We work with industry insiders to design our own styles based on the season’s biggest trends. We work with the makers of Marc Jacobs, Steve Madden, Aldo and Nine West to provide you with styles made from high quality materials. By going directly to the source, we are able to offer shoes you’d normally pay $80-$120 for at a fabulous price. We also bring in specialty items and collections for our members throughout the year, such as Iron Fist and Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne.

  3. ohh.. where did u find that?
  4. I don't know about them selling fakes, I know they sell a lot of 'inspired' shoes...
  5. I just dont want to be charged $40 each month after... It states in the "terms/Policy" that you will be charged $40/month unless you 1) decide to "Skip this Month" or 2) cancel your account.... Which doesnt sound bad but I dont want it to be a nightmare when cancelling my account..
  6. if you're interested in the membership clubs, I think Sole Society is a better option.
  7. thanks! I will check it out later today, i cant access it now (im at work).. But i was asking about justfab.com bc i found a pair of shoes i liked.. i wasnt looking for any membership with them (justfab).. just wanted to buy the shoes and not have to deal with any headaches after my purchase....
  8. oh, ok.. I see what you're saying and totally understand the possible headaches.

    Once I saw the same shoes on Sole Society at DSW, for cheaper!! So, I wonder if the shoes from justfab can be found elsewhere?
  9. I've never ordered from them, but I have a feeling the quality isn't going to be great, which probably means they won't be very comfortable. Once again, I don't know this for sure, but I would just be leery.
  10. its all in the faq section on the site :smile:
  11. I would like to know as well..

    It says "today only" you get 50% off your first pair of shoes.. so the ones I want comes to $20 shipped.. for $20 i dont expect it to be comfortable but i've been stressing a lot n just thought these would be cute n would bring some color into my life for the meantime.. im still contemplating if i should order them or not. LOL
  12. I don't trust that site one bit - I hear that you get montly charges on a regular basis, and the shoes are all mostly "inspired" - you probably won't be getting a marc jacobs or designer of that caliber...

    it was featured on a segment of the Today Show or Good Morning America a while back because of the deceptive advertising
  13. Isn't this the one that's connected with the Kartrashians? If so, yeah, I'd recommend you stay clear.
  14. That's shoe dazzle.
  15. Justfab.com is endorsed by Kimora Lee Simmons.