Juste Un Clou - WG, Diamond or no Diamond?

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  1. Hi,

    I’d love your opinions on a purchase!

    I finally purchased a YG Love bracelet last weekend after pining for it for years. I treated myself due to a milestone. It is my first Cartier piece ever, and now I am hooked!

    I’m already thinking of my next acquisition! While I was in the store, I tried on the JUC in WG and fell in love. I always thought I’d get the Love in WG since I’ve always gravitated towards WG or Silver because they stand out more against my skin tone (or so I think). But I had to get the Love in the classic YG. With the JUC, however, I know I’ll definitely want it in WG. It somehow just speaks to me more in that color.

    But what I’m debating on is whether I should go for the JUC in WG with diamonds or plain? My instinct is that I love the plain in WG because it shows off the industrial look of the bracelet more. Though I love diamonds, I think the edginess is somewhat hidden with the diamonds.

    I tend to wear mostly black and gray and have a minimalist, uniform, simple style (think black shirts and black leggings/jeans and blazers and boots). I just loved the bracelet in WG and could see it matching with all my outfits. The way I dress up, really, is with diamonds. I have a diamond WG Tiffany necklace I never take off and another WG diamond ID bracelet I wear 24/7.

    I tried on the JUC YG with diamonds in the store, and I loved it because I’m such a sucker for diamonds. But somehow I also liked the plain more since it showed off the industrial look more.

    I guess I’m trying to decide what to get. I’m worried I’ll be missing out on the bling and shiny factor the diamond version gives if I go with the plain. Like I said, I dress rather simply, so I like the sparkliness of jewelry to plus my look up. But then again, I might like the plain more due to the style. Any of you kind ladies here have any advice? With the diamond JUC, I would have to save up for a very long while to buy it, while the plain is within reach.

  2. Cartier White gold isn't rhodium plated if it's without diamonds.. So will look like stainless steel eventually...if it's something u like then go for it... I personally don't like that look, so i wouldn't compromise based on the price tag..
  3. My vote is to save up for the diamond version!
  4. I like the YG or PG with no diamonds, but for the WG, I like it best with diamonds
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  5. It seems you like the one without diamond. I would recommend to wait a little and try it a few more times. I like the one with diamonds.
  6. I found it interesting that the WG JUC and Love bracelets with diamonds are plated, but the ones without are not... BUT noticed that the WG JUC RING (without diamonds) is offered in both finishes. I wish there were both options across all products.
  7. I think it’s to justify the additional $$$ for the diamonds and also to make the diamonds sparkle more :graucho:
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  8. That makes sense... but then why make it available on the no diamond JUC? You would think only the one with diamonds would be plated...
  9. Just a guess.. women generally don’t like stainless steel looking “luxury” rings? (Rings will wear faster than bracelets)
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  10. Hi,
    I have a PG love, and after buying a tank Louis recently I am contemplating adding a juc next and have the same dilemma as you. I love the clean, shiny look of the juc in plain gold. I love the pave finish, and perhaps if they had a version that just had pave around the tip and nail head I would get this (rather than the entire bracelet) but personally I don't like the floating/set diamonds on me. Everyone is telling me to get diamonds as they are beautiful on and I love it when I see it on other people. But like you, my 'uniform' is simple with lots of grey, navy, blue, denim. I want diamond stud earrings also so I know once I have these on I'll prefer plain gold on my wrists. I wish I could be a bit more bling and love it when I see others with lots of sparkle but it's not me alas and I want to be sure I'll wear these pieces. Good luck!
  11. They do have JUC with diamonds only on nail head and tip.. it’s not too much bling.. i have it in yg
  12. once you go diamonds, you don't go back. I use to never care for diamonds but after I got my ering with diamonds there is no way ill buy jewelry again w/o diamonds. it def worth waiting and saving up for diamonds.
  13. I love the one with diamonds. I have wg with diamonds.
  14. Diamonds look tiny and no one other than the owner notice them with ease unless they look closely. But I'm either pave or plain metal kind of person...A few little diamondies don't do it for me
  15. I prefer it in the plain, no diamonds