Juste un clou slim bracelet

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  1. My bracelet got caught on to something and I’ve noticed it’s deformed now. It looks bent :sad: Has anyone had the same issue?
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  2. Haven't experience this... hope I never do. Sorry to hear.
  3. Is it open? If so you can move the two open parts so the spring mechanism is tight. Hard to explain but it happened to me a couple of times but I just moved it back. If you can attach a pic I can see if that’s what I’m describing.

    If it’s serious damage then you should go back to the store.
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  4. I just had the same thing happen. Mine got
    caught on my jacket and now it’s bent out of shape. Very disappointing that the spring is so flimsy. I am sending it in for a repair evaluation and will let you know what they say.
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  5. good luck and please keep us posted. I have the same JUC and hopes this doesn't happen to me.
  6. Please keep us updated! I'm considering purchasing this item next year and am very curious to hear what Cartier says.

    I wish they would make a solid gold small JUC. Would avoid this whole issue.
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  7. PICS?!
  8. It looks like the pointed end is just on the wrong side of the nail head. Did you try spinning the pointed end so it is on the other side of the nail head?
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  9. Yes it looks like the bracelet needs to be flipped back to the original setting
  10. You need to pull the pointy part up and over the nail head
  11. I tried that :sad:. It is bent out of shape. On one side the point slants toward the nailhead. On the other side the point slants away from it. I am sending it in for repair. Thanks for the suggestion though :smile:

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  12. Sorry if this was already asked but anyone know if they will come out with a white gold version or a diamond on nail head version? Been wearing my thin RG and dying to expand my collection!
  13. I would love to see a thin version with diamond head!!
  14. I was told no WG for thin JUC. The metal is not strong enough