Juste Un Clou JUC Bracelet Sizing thread


Nov 26, 2008
Hi, I have tried on a Love Bracelet in Size 16 and happy with the loose fit. I don't like JUC to be too snug so am reluctant to order Size 15 JUC. I will be wearing the JUC on its own, plesse tell me size 16 JUC won't be too large.
I have no opportunity to try it out in person in store so would really appreciate JUC owners to chime in. Thank you!
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Thanks! I read that it's the norm to downsize for JUC. Just wondering whether there's any minority who went against the norm.
JUCs definitely wear larger than Loves. I think depending on your wrist shape and size, if you wear your Love with a loose fit, and you get a JUC in the same size as the "Loose Love bracelet," the JUC may have a tendency to turn over on your wrist and that could get annoying.
The JUCs definitely run bigger; I have a 17 Love (slightly loose fitting) and reserved a 17 JUC thinking their sizes were the same, but nope, the 17 was gigantic on my wrist. JUC in size 16 fit more like my Love, so I went for that.
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Hello all!

I am trying to ask a friend to pick up a size 15 JUC from Heathrow for me and want to make sure that I don't size down too much. I normally wear a Love in size 16 but have heard cases where people sized down to a 15 in Clou only to find it too tight. All the size 15s are out of stock at the Cartier near me so I can't go in store to try it out.

To all size 15 Juste Un Clou owners - It would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED if you could measure the 2 ends of the "inner oval" of your bracelet for me (north long and short ends). For example, the love measures around 52mm from one end to the other inside. I have included some pics to show what I mean, and would really appreciate your help.

Thank you all in advance! :smile:


I just received the diamond JUC in a size 16, which I had previously tried on in-store. It seems small so I'm probably sending it back for the 17. My wrist is 15.5cm. It was below 30 degrees F when I tried the JUC on previously, so maybe my wrist is larger now. What size is your wrist, what size is your JUC, and how does your JUC fit?

For reference, my 15.5cm wrist fits in a size 62 Hermes bangle (the smallest). I do prefer to size up for David Yurman, so I buy either medium or large in those (whatever Neimans and Saks stock). I don't have a Love anymore because I never found them comfortable; I prefer round bracelets. Would my tPF experts recommend 16 or 17?