Just wondering.....

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  1. I was just wondering who the lucky person was that scored a black patent agenda at the outlet for $19.99 recently?? I visited the Dawsonville outlet yesterday and was able to get 1 of the 2 that they got in...said that they were very few and far between. Just wondering if you were going to order the refill from coach or get a compatable one from Staples, etc.....:biggrin:
  2. I got one of those Agendas and I LOVE it! Im not really a phone person so I keep all my appointments and such in here instead of my Iphone. I will order a refill...I like the gold on the paper.
  3. Wasn't me but I do own the 6 x 8 Purple Patent one and adore it!! I even picked up a '10-'11 calendar refill during last PCE at the FP Boutique. CONGRATS on scoring the Black Patent Planner!
  4. I scored a 4x7 black patent tribeca agenda yesterday for $24. I am looking at other options right now- like inserts, etc instead of the calendar. Any ideas where to go?